Wednesday, February 23, 2011

crayon hearts

I made these for Valentine's Day to stick in the window.  Unfortunately we live on 3rd floor, so I don't think anyone has really gotten to enjoy them but Steve and me :)

 I used a pencil sharpener to shave crayons onto wax paper.

Then with the crayon shavings sandwiched between the folded piece of wax paper, and a piece of brown kraft paper over the wax to protect it, I ironed the crayon shavings on a low setting which instantly melted them.

Once I had used four crayons, I cut out hearts freehand.

Then I punched holes in them, and hung with them with a thick red thread.

 They look really pretty when the sunlight hits!

Martha Stewart's sample looked way better than mine.  But my hearts are cute and elementary.  :)

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