Saturday, October 6, 2012

hot fudge

Last winter, my mom handed me a simple recipe card for a delicious hot fudge sauce.  She had not made it herself yet, but I believe she had tried it once, or she had heard about its wonderful reputation.  I, lover of all things chocolate, decided one day (in February or March?) to give it a try, and went out to purchase its simple 5 ingredients.  I boiled them together in my tiny kitchen, and tried a spoonful.  c h a n g e d   m y  l i f e.  It is one of the best chocolate tastes I had ever had, and soon, my family was in love with it too.  After countless batches of hot fudge-- you have to make a lot when you and your husband eat it every night on top of vanilla bean ice cream--- I decided in August that I would try selling it at a group garage sale.  I didn't do extremely well at the garage sale, but after mentioning it in a Facebook post, my family and friends made it clear that they wanted to try some too.  Shortly after my birthday, I splurged on a waterbath Ball canning kit from KMart so that I could seal the jars, and they wouldn't have to be refrigerated until opening.  I delivered a dozen to my family in Chicago and Indiana in September.  Right now, I am at a standstill, wondering how I am going to get my product out locally.  I am going to be recruiting some help in the next few weeks to see if I can really make this work. 

I would be willing to ship a jar anywhere in the U.S., but unfortunately, a jar weighs a pound and would hike the price from $4 to $10...  But, if you're interested, e-mail me at
Sidenote--have you ever seen the episode of FRIENDS "The One With All the Candy"?  My husband is convinced I share many similarities with Monica.

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