Wednesday, November 28, 2012

the mix-and-match bundt cakes

In July, I discovered Shay’s Mix and Match Mama blog.  Fascinated with the 45 delicious-sounding cakes that she had made each week since the previous August, I bought a bundt cake pan and set out to make my first for Steve’s birthday.  The dark chocolate bundt (see below) was the best cake I had ever tasted!  And I knew I had to try out more flavors.  I told Shay that I would be the Julie to her Julia (even though she keeps whipping out a new one every Sunday, so I may just have to pick my favorites :)  At this point, she has created 66 bundt cakes!  (Plus plenty of dinners and other desserts!)
Here are the [ten] that I have made since July:




Vanilla Bean Noel
Peppermint Mocha (mine ended up being more of a Crème de Menthe Mocha based on the ingredients I already had in my kitchen)
Sometimes her recipes call for a can of store-bought frosting, and other times she makes her own with butter and powdered sugar.  Now that I’ve tried the latter, I don’t think I am going back!
Shay, thank you for inventing these cakes!  I love reading your blog, and I wish you all the success and happiness as you build your dream.  And I really hope that your family is blessed by this huge experience of Sean becoming the Bachelor!

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