Monday, December 3, 2012

monday’s non-stagram.

cute little niece, 10 months-old

obsessed with Diet Mt Dew cans

first Dilly bar

Life is moving very quickly, and we find ourselves already in December, beginning the Advent season.
Steve has only this week left of classes, and then finals.
Our mini Christmas tree is up (on the entertainment center, high above tiny hands' reach).
The weather is in the 30s 60s for a couple days!
I am spending much time in the kitchen preparing for a fudge sale in two days. Wish me luck!

The people walking in darkness have seen a great light. Matthew 4:16.


  1. love all these pictures! i can't believe we are in decemeber!! i wish it would snow so it felt more like christmas.

  2. You are so so cute. Love your non-stagrams!

  3. ahh, so many cute babies!!! :)

  4. how do you make them look like old pictures like that??? do you use some sort of photo-editing thing? by the way, i've found that there is a website called "ribbet" and it's exactly like pinterest. score!

  5. this is completely random, but i loooove your long hair!
    i'm trying to grow mine out, but have absolutely zero patience in the process. :)
    i'll probably end up chopping it before it gets as long as i want it...

    your little man is SO cute. looks like he enjoyed his dilly bar!!

  6. So lovely :)
    Follow me?


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