Monday, December 17, 2012

monday’s non-stagram.

                                                                                    my mom gave us little s’more kits
instant retro

cookies my friends and I made for our exchange—mmm! 
                                                         my friend Amanda’s dog, Santa Jake. isn’t he cute?

                                                                                    my mama’s chocolate chip cookies

my friend Alyssa used my hot fudge for her fondue party (you can see I love s’mores)
                     I’ll leave you with another old Christmas photo (1989 Rachel + Hannah)

We took our 2012 Christmas photo on Saturday, so now it’s time to address envelopes so they can be delivered before the 25th :)


  1. lovely pictures :)

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous in that photo with Nolan!

  3. We made those s'mores kits for Kate's daisy troop last week, so fun. I made a printable for it (posting on my blog this week!)
    And, love your hair in that photo!!!

  4. The s'more kit is such a cute idea. These are all great photos, so cute!

  5. I just sent out my Christmas cards's never too late to send them. Who doesn't love getting mail? And I love those little smore kits. Yum!

  6. Such fun pictures! You little boy is so cute! Wish we lived close to you so our little boys could be friends! I love the smore kit idea!

  7. LOVE your blog!! I'm a new GFC follower :)

  8. There are so many sweets in this post, my mouth is watering :) Such cute pictures, looks like you are really enjoying this season!!

  9. it totally looks like Christmas at your house!


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