Friday, December 21, 2012

oh tannenbaum

I wanted to share our little Christmas tree.

Some history—here it is on our first married Christmas, 2009, with our 6-month-old puppy Ivy. Tiny, right?

Then here it was Christmas 2011, with our 3-month-old baby.

This year, it is not on the floor, or on a coffee table, since little baby has turned into mischievous toddler. It is actually on top of our entertainment center, high above his reach. I’m hoping next year we can buy a bigger tree, since we’ve outgrown this one.

Zooming in on a few special ornaments:

Steve found me this gem on Ebay, three years after Hallmark issued it in 2007. This was the year we started dating, and had our first kiss… on a rowboat.

Meet Kirk, Spock, and Dr. McCoy. I am not a Star Trek lover (yet?) but they hold a prominent place on our tree. (Don’t worry, you can still find McCoy at Hallmark this year if you’re envious).

Baby’s 1st Christmas, 2011.

Another 1st Christmas ornament.

We got this one in September from the Wizard of Oz Fest in Chesterton, Indiana :)

My grandfather made these two years ago. Amazing, right?

My mom and stepfather got this hand-painted buoy for us on their vacation to Maine this past summer. It has our names written on the back.

Plays “Santa Baby”. I bought it the day after Christmas in 2008, since I had just received a ring from Santa Steve.

IMG_5868Will we be able to find a “Nolan” to add to our collection?

From my friend Irene last year.

Got this shiny one for $3 at Target this season.

Lastly, my new favorite. I went to a Christmas party that involved an ornament exchange. We drew numbers, and I had the first pick….which means I had the last pick as well (people were allowed to steal for their turn instead of unwrapping a new one). Isn’t it gorgeous? It can be found at Carson’s/Bon Ton/Younker’s—whatever they call it in your area of the country. I love the little snow pellets inside!

Four days til Christmas! Happy weekend!


  1. LOVE this pics... We have names ones like that.... I think you may have better luck with Nolan than we are having with Emmett.... But that was the point to one of a kind. lol... I wanted to say that Stephen is such a sweety with thing ring thing you will have to tell me the whole story someday !!

  2. Your "little Santa Claus" is so CUTE!

  3. So romantic that your first kiss was on a rowboat! I love all the personalized ornaments and the handcrafted one by your grandfather! It's so fun when each ornament has it's own story. Makes Christmas so much more special.

  4. love all the stories behind your ornaments! Merry Christmas!

  5. Love your little Christmas Tree and the lovely sentiment behind the ornaments- so beautiful!

  6. I love your little families tradition of the little tree, too cute :)

  7. I love all the memories that are tied in with ornaments on the tree! The Eric and Ariel one is so sweet!

  8. so fun to document your tree throughout the years!

  9. OH MY GOSH ITS SO TINY and i love it. And I agree with beth. What a wonderful idea to document it every year!


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