Tuesday, January 8, 2013

taking one from martha’s playbook

A couple years ago (pre-Pinterest), I found a Martha Stewart tutorial for a card wreath. I love this wreath because I don’t ruin my photos and cards with thumbtack holes or sticky tape. (I did end up outgrowing my Christmas card wreath this year, and painter’s-taped some of the cards around it as you can see.) I love that it looks like a giant collage.

This one is in Nolan’s bedroom, holding all of his 1st birthday cards. We’ve been able to enjoy the cards for months without them becoming added clutter around our home. And it brings a lot of color to his walls.

To make a wreath, you need:
Wood glue
Miniature wooden clothespins
A large (14-inch-diameter) wooden embroidery hoop

Glue the miniature clothespins to the embroidery hoop, alternating them so that one opens to the outside of the hoop, the next opens to the inside of the hoop, etc. Place them 1 1/2 inches apart. Tie a ribbon to hang them from a nail or 3M Command hook. Wait 24 hours for the wood glue to dry before you clip on the cards or photos.

I keep my wreaths up all year long, and I display whatever cards and mail we receive—for birthdays, Valentine’s, Easter, anniversary, birth announcements.

Thanks, Martha!


  1. That's so smart to keep it up year round and put cards there instead of on the fridge or lost in a junk drawer! I've always loved this wreath of yours.

  2. such a great idea! doing this.

  3. what a cute idea! for my christmas cards i just tape them to the bare wall in our entryway... lame, i know. maybe i'll try this next year!

  4. Great idea!! Gotta love Martha, she know's her crafts!!


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  6. Great idea i will def have to try this

    Thanks for stopping by the blog!



  7. So cute! What a great idea. I kept looking for something to do with our cards this year and I ended up never doing anything - boo! I'm going to remember this for next year!

  8. This is the neatest idea! I love it! I will definitely be doing this in my home :)


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