Thursday, March 28, 2013

gray van graveyard

In college, Steve drove a 1993 gray Plymouth Voyager.
Originally, it was bought by my friend Meghan’s family when she was little.
Then Steve’s parents bought it as their family car.
It later became Steve’s college car, and the car I will forever associate with young Steve.

In July 2007, on an afternoon off at camp, the two of us rode in the gray van to a Buffalo, New York Toys ‘R Us to buy a laser tag game for the camp staff to play. The van didn’t have any air conditioning, and it was hot even with the windows down. We walked around a mall in Buffalo, and he held my hand for the first time.

It was the gray van that Steve drove on our first date. We left camp to see “The Bourne Ultimatum” in Lakewood, New York on August 4, 2007. We had the amazing Perry’s “Piece of Cake” ice cream at the Ice Cream Shack. And that night, we committed to dating long-distance.

Steve drove the gray van to come visit me in Chicago several times. :)

He drove it up until he graduated college, and when we got married the next month, he started driving a different van.

On Monday morning, Steve’s dad, Jack, was driving the twenty-year-old vehicle to his new job. It was dark, and six inches of snow were falling. He ended up in a bad accident, and he has four broken bones (2 in his leg, 1 in his foot, 1 finger). He spent three days in the hospital, had surgery, and now he’s home. We are grateful to God that he is alive!

Steve went to see the van yesterday and get Jack’s belongings out of it.


It didn’t have the red doors back when Steve was in college. They came from another family van, which actually happened to be the first car I ever rode in with Steve in May 2006 soon after we met. (He drove a few of us from church to the movie theater to see “The Second Chance” with Michael W. Smith.)

Thanks, gray van, for keeping my husband, his dad, and his family safe all these years. Thanks for the wonderful memories!


  1. That gray van sounds like it was part of the family. I'm so glad it kept your father in law safe! So scary! I wish him a speedy recovery.

  2. OH my gosh! That's terrifying, glad he's alive! I'll keep him in my prayers (actually this would be great to link up in my new link up on the blog today!)

  3. Oh my goodness!! Yes, thank God that he is alright! So many memories in one van :)

  4. Oh my!! So glad he is okay, and that the accident wasn't worse!

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