Thursday, March 7, 2013

paper rachel wears eshakti

Story time:
Two years ago, one of my best friends, Ruth, asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. She was getting married on September 24th, 2011, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The tricky thing was, I don’t live close to Michigan, and my due date with Nolan was August 31st.

I still had hope that we would be able to make the trip. Ruth found gorgeous blue-violet dresses on, and I eagerly purchased one. I even bought silver sandals to go with it.

But as my due date came and went, I admitted to myself that the trip was not going to happen. Nolan was nine days late, and the wedding was only two weeks later. Having a newborn was all-consuming.

So Paper Rachel was sent to Michigan. I took this photo of myself in the bridesmaid’s dress. And I included tiny Nolan, since my friends had not met him yet. Then I printed the photo on an 8x10, pasted it to cardstock, cut us out, and glued it onto a jumbo popsicle stick.

I knew Ruth would appreciate the sentiment.

What I didn’t expect is that my phone and Facebook began blowing up with photos of Paper Rachel at the rehearsal dinner, bachelorette party, and the wedding. I was so touched that my friends actually carried me around to all the events that weekend in Michigan.

I was bummed that I missed the wedding, but I still felt like a part of me was there!

eShakti still carries this dress (currently only in crimson). I loved my first eShakti purchase. I have a new little ad on the right-hand side –> because I think they’re a great company.

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Someday, I will have to post the story of the first Paper Rachel… ;)

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  1. Haha, this post made me smile. There was a "paper Anneli" or lovingly referred to as "flat Anneli" when I went to China for the first time in 2010. I have since "traveled" all over the world including Africa (thanks Laura!). Last I heard, I died while accidentally going through the washer... oops. :-)

  2. this is so cute what you did, i love the paper rachel idea and including your son especially since your friends hadn't met him yet. i love eshakti and their customizing option is awesome

  3. Yay rach! I feel so lucky to be on your awesome blog. :) and we felt so happy to bring paper rach along on that crazy fun ride of a week. People still ask me "what was up with that girl on a stick??" Lol. Love you rach.

  4. Cute dress pick! And that is the most adorable story!!! Such great friends..they looked like they enjoyed carrying "paper Rachel" around! :)

  5. ahh weddings are so fun!
    congrats to the beautiful bride and the groom!

    The DayLee Journal

  6. This is so cute, I love the paper Rachel idea. :) And such a cute dress!

  7. Your friends are too sweet. I love that they "carried you around." :-) What a special bond you all must share. :-)


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