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paper rachel


I mentioned in this post that I would have to tell the story of the first Paper Rachel.

It was one of the first days of May 2008—just about a week before my junior year of college ended. (I can’t believe this is already 5 years ago…)

I got a package at the university mailroom from my boyfriend, Steve. We had been dating for nine months, all long-distance from Chicago to Erie PA. I remember tearing open the package in the living room of the apartment I shared with four of my best friends.

And this was it:


Jumping into the album:

“One day, Paper Rachel packed her black and blue medical freebie bag, and showed up in Erie PA to visit.

Her boyfriend Steve was really happy to see her! Steve decided that he would show Paper Rachel a part of what a typical day would be like at Gannon University…

The first thing Steve and Paper Rachel decided to do was to go to visit the extravaganza that is the Erie mall. Rachel was the epitome of safety as she made sure to buckle her seatbelt.

Once at the mall, they paused for a photo-op, and then decided to go visit the craft store.

100_0481Paper Rachel found plenty of things to look at—including the expansive scrapbooking section.

100_0482 They had a LOT of crazy-looking scrapbooking tools…

100_0485While Paper Rachel spent time in the crafts department,

100_0486Steve spent his time as constructively as possible…

100_0487…until he found the model cars!

100_0488Look out, Steve, Paper Rachel may not like the attention you’re giving that Saleen S281 Speedster…

100_0492We’re not exactly sure what Paper Rachel did with that X-ACTO knife…but Steve never saw the Saleen Speedster again…

100_0498Steve must have spent too much time looking at the model cars, because when he got back to the van, he couldn’t find Paper Rachel anywhere!

100_0499Where could she possibly be?

100_0500Oh no!? Hopefully no one threw her into the trash?

100_0501Steve looked everywhere!!!

100_0502Oh, wait!—Could that be her?

100_0505It IS!! But wait… what’s she doing over by David’s Bridal?

100_0508Steve couldn’t figure out why she was there…

100_0509…he was just happy to find her. Oh, Steve…


100_0468When they got back to Gannon, they changed, and signed some waivers to participate in Gannon’s Annual Springtopia festivities!

They’ve got their wristbands—looks like they’re all set!

100_0476Paper Rachel got really close to the giant inflatable games—she took up a position right between the Frisbee and soccer sections.

100_0477She had a lot of fun, even though she wasn’t sure why you needed a waiver to play inflatable Frisbee…


100_0441They had to get back to their rooms and get ready for dinner because Rachel was going to be Steve’s date to the Honor’s Banquet.

100_0442Steve wore his other blue dress shirt so that they could match. It’s not every day that he gets to eat dinner with a beautiful girl.

100_0443They served some really good chocolate mousse dessert.

100_0445Rachel tanked hers with no problem.

Then she tried to steal all of the artificial sweeteners.

100_0449Steve gave her one of those looks.

100_0452On their way home from the banquet, Ian tried hitting on Paper Rachel.

100_0453Steve didn’t take it very well.

100_0454So Steve decided to tell Ian that Paper Rachel was his girl—Ian got the point. This is also the only known photographic evidence of Ian EVER losing any kind of physical confrontation.

100_0455After the confrontation, they found solace in each others’ arms. Hmm…we’re not exactly sure who’s comforting who here… oh well.


100_0527Eventually, Paper Rachel and Steve decided to go spend some time at the Rec.

100_0511Rachel was stylin’ as she was all decked out in Gannon gear.

100_0514They considered playing raquetball.

100_0516They they walked for a while on the track…


100_0521…and then randomly decided to finish up by boxing. Steve had to convince Paper Rachel, as she wasn’t too keen on the idea.

100_0522But as it turned out—they didn’t box for long because Paper Rachel kept knocking Steve out.



100_0528Steve was on duty that night, so Paper Rachel got all dressed up in her RA duds—complete with Gannon issue radio.


100_0532They found a couch that had been broken in one of the lounges…

100_0534Freshmen!—what’s an RA to do?

100_0539Duty partners for a night. How come Steve never smiles in these pictures?



100_0459They were going to call it a night, but right as they were going to turn in, they went on a Sheetz run!!


100_0461For those who don’t know, Sheetz is basically a Mecca for people who want food after midnight.

100_0462Once they got there, Paper Rachel ordered some coffee…


…and played Hide-and-Go-Seek behind some Sheetz Cappuccino. Being made out of paper lets you do that.



100_0548When they got back from the Sheetz run, Steve turned to Paper Rachel with one thought on his mind: the only thing any red-blooded American boy could have on his mind.

100_0550GUITAR HERO!!

100_0551Steve challenged Paper Rachel to a Guitar Hero battle to end the evening—Paper Rachel crushed him. She’s got mad handle on all things Guitar Hero.

100_0549Was Steve upset about being beaten? His eyes are red again.


100_0553Nope! He was just happy that Paper Rachel could come and visit!!”



Can you believe that he did that all for me?
Can you picture him sitting in his dorm room cutting out all the intricate pieces of my outfits (he tried making clothes that I actually had at the time) and the tiny guitar?
And asking his friends to take photos of him all over campus with his little paper girlfriend?
Do you wonder at all why I married him? ; )

By the way, I remember being ECSTATIC when I read that Paper Rachel was hanging out at David’s Bridal. That was by far my favorite part of the entire book.


  1. Oh man! This was so fun to see again! What a witty guy. You got a good one, Rach. I remember being shocked/excited by the David's Bridal too! And by the end of that year you were engaged!

  2. P.s. I put my cereal milk in my coffee today. Thought of you.

  3. This is just so sweet! And funny. And so Steve. What a guy!

    Also, I nominated you for the Liebster award! See my blog post for more info.

  4. oh my god! that is so sweet so funny so cute! What a keeper!

  5. this is so amazing! what an awesome guy you snagged :)

  6. This is hysterical! So romantic! Awww

  7. This is hilarious and so cute at the same time!

  8. This is the cutest thing ever! How sweet!!

  9. the sweetest thing ever.

  10. Oh my gosh! This is so cute! I should do this for my distance boyfriend as a graduation or birthday gift! :) My boyfriend has said he wanted a scrapbook of our relationship, so maybe this is something else I could do with it too!


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