Monday, April 15, 2013

spring has sprung | non-stagrams

Shoveling in macaroni & cheese by the handful :)

We tried my blog friend Brianne’s Crockpot Buffalo Chicken. It was really easy—chicken, buffalo sauce, ranch packet—magically done by itself in a few hours.

Our neighbor Jamie kindly took us out and treated us to an Italian dinner. It is getting harder to keep a 19-month-old boy in a highchair at a restaurant.

Nolan and I are always fans of cheese pizza.

Steve found this in the dumpster! It’s in perfect shape, it works, and the stand matches the one we got at Target a few months ago!

He found this cute little shelf as well in the garbage. We’ve had pretty good luck with finding furniture—like Nolan’s dresser.

Steve was a little late getting home from work on Friday, so he took us out to Wendy’s. It was the most delicious Wendy’s I’ve ever had: junior bacon cheeseburger, sea salt fries, and a strawberry lemonade.

He is obsessed with drinking water, especially through straws or in glass cups. I think he would be happy if we let him drink and play with water all day long.

I found these Duplos for him for $1. We went to a giant “Mommy Market” sale—like an all-town garage sale.

Little farm animal Duplos: pig, rooster, sheep, horse.

The books we got at the sale for cheap. ‘Hop on Pop’ is unfortunately missing some pages, but the rest are good!

We bought Nolan a ‘Color Wonder Cars’ coloring book. He is enjoying taking the markers’ caps off, putting them back on, and placing the markers in all different kinds of containers. Mommy is enjoying doing the actual coloring ;)

Daffodils growing outside! I feel like a new person with this spring weather.

Blurry but so cute of Daddy throwing Nolan into the air!

Getting our veggies—sliced banana, a cup of yogurt, plenty of spinach, and milk in a blender. (Isn’t it weird that our milk comes in a yellow jug?)

Trying to get a picture of us on a walk… not working.

Love this man.

Hope you have a great week!!



  1. You guys are lucky with all your awesome free finds! I really liked the dresser who got a while back too :)

  2. Great pictures! That buffalo chicken looks delish!

  3. Looks like you had an awesome week. I'm jealous of all your good finds, I never have that much luck!

  4. The fries at Wendy's are much better than they were before!

  5. I am glad to learn I am not the only cheese pizza fan! :) Simple is best sometimes. I've been obsessed with green smoothies lately too! Also, I love all these great deals you got. :)

  6. Some of those photos make me think we are living the same life! lol!
    X loves Mac-n-Cheese and shoves it in by the handful as well :)
    Cheese pizza has always been my fave too!
    Wendy's sea salt french fries are super yummy!
    Is that milk Smith's brand by chance? That is what it is here and it is a yellow jug.
    If you read my post today you will see we are dealing with the same thing with X and sitting in a highchair :( All he wants to do is move, move, move!

  7. Don't you love that Spring is finally here?! I noticed the daffodils too and am loving that it's finally warm out and it's starting to get green :) cute pictures and now I want pizza haha

  8. Awesome on the finding things again !!! Wish I had your luck !! We are big yard salers though!! How did you like the 'green' shake ??

    1. I'm getting excited for our yard sale! the green shake is super yummy. have you tried something like it?

  9. You find the neatest stuff! I can't believe someone would just throw away that lamp!

    Love those flowers!! I am so happy that Spring has finally decided to stick around. :)

  10. Your food pictures look delicious! And that lamp is so cute! What a great dumpster find! :)

  11. What a fun weekend!!! And Nolan knows the right way to eat some mac n cheese ;) Glad you loved the buffalo chicken!!! It looks so good! And there is no way you found that in the dumpster...who would throw that stuff away?! I say you scored big time! Awesome!!

  12. I have never seen milk in a yellow jug! Weird!


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