Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bachelorette Episode 8: Des’s Moral Dilemma

Stephen’s Take:

I’m going to spend a few moments musing about what I call “Des’s Moral Dilemma.”

Allow to me explain: it would be one thing if Des went to four hometowns, met four different families, and ended the episode truly torn between four different, and equally suitable, er, suitors.

It would be a different thing entirely, however, if Des already had her mind made up about her four guys before going on these dates. How do you approach such a situation with a clear conscience? How do you continue on making the three “other guys” feel like they have a shot?

After listening to her conversation with Chris Harrison, I think it’s clear this is Des’s situation. Des keeps mentioning how she loves Brooks, even before he has said that he loves her. This is a huge problem for Chris, Drew, and Zak—all of whom have said they love her (or I suppose only Chris and Drew, considering how Zak already got the knife).

NOT ONLY does Des love Brooks, but she hasn’t heard anything from Brooks—in other words, she has relinquished control of her emotions. She’s no longer in the driver’s seat (as Brooks finally noticed, btw). Instead of making the mature, rational, and still-romantic decision of, say, Chris (who would love her continually, assuredly), Des is MERELY HOPING that Brooks will return her love.

She’s taking a chance, and stepping on three hearts in the meantime (Nothing against Brooks. He has no control over the situation. Props to him if he wins.)

I wash my hands of it all.

Rachel’s Take:

This is going to be our last Bachelorette post, since we’re not going to recap the Men Tell All, and the only things I’m going to want to say after the last two episodes are “Nooooo!” and “Whyyyyy??” Haha. When the last few guys get sent home, I always feel so badly for them.

Did anyone else notice that the Men Tell All is coming up sooner than in other seasons? Usually it’s after the third-to-last guy has been sent home, leaving only two guys and one episode left. Apparently there are still two episodes after the MTA.

Is this because the third guy didn’t want to go to the Men Tell All? Is it because all of the drama is going to happen in the second-to-last episode instead of in the finale? Again, we remember the future scenes they showed with Drew a couple weeks ago. And I just can’t see how Drew can go from being ready to propose to saying the things that he did in the preview. I just can’t figure it out.


Cute snow cone date.

The ring he gave Desiree was beautiful and sweet—a sign of love and commitment. Did he really throw it out the window of the limo? Did he go back and get it? It looked expensive.


It was so sweet to see him with his family, his baby nephew, his mentally-disabled sister.

I loved his enthusiasm in saying I love you repeatedly.


He and Desiree looked really cute together in their baseball tees, practicing their swings.

The chiropractor dad scenes were a little strange. Getting his nose aligned?


I liked their canoe date. He really did say, “Oh, for once, I’m in the driver’s seat.” I think that’s his problem the entire time—the guy doesn’t get to pursue the girl.

Huge family. How many siblings did he have? Salt Lake City. Mormon?

It’s been fun doing these recaps this season! Hope you’ve enjoyed reading!


  1. Kind of figured Zack was on his way home :/ I felt so bad for him after he pretty much gave her his heart. And I am dying to find out what happens with Drew!!! His home date was sooo good... makes me wonder.

  2. oh yah i noticed that too the men tell all next week already i know the episode was taped yesterday. will be interesting to see the guys come back, i want some more of the guys to wear that awesome tank that ben was wearing earlier in the season

  3. I'm pretty sure Brooks is Mormon because his family just has a Mormon-y look to them. Plus Michael mentioned a few episodes back about everyone going to church for Easter and he said there was a Mormon in the group.

  4. I'm a little disappointed that she has her mind made up. Why does every contestant pick the person who doesn't really have the same feelings towards them? She'll be chasing after Brooks for their entire relationship and honestly, I don't see it lasting. Isn't that how it always happens? I'm just waiting to hear that Sean and Catherine are broken up. It's inevitable.

    After this season, I think I'm done watching the show. UNLESS if Jef is the next Bachelor, then I'll make an exception.

  5. I always love the family dates these were surprisingly not as awkward as some. I was sad about Zach!

  6. It is indeed a moral dilemma since her mind is already made up! I feel so bad for Zak, I hope he did go back and get that ring!

  7. I was sad to see Zak go because he's SO much fun. I think Brooks is my new favorite - only because the chiropractor date was a little odd...

  8. I love this... and kudos for your husband watching it with you (mine does too). I think Brooks is going to break her heart. And Zac is such a stand up guy-- next bachelor? I sure hope so!1


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