Tuesday, July 9, 2013

the Bachelorette week 7: Stephen’s “lame duck” episode

Bachelorette Desiree

I would like to dub tonight’s episode of “The Bachelorette” the “Lame Duck” episode of the season.

Allow me to explain.

This episode began with five suitors left: Brooks, Chris, Drew, Zak, and Michael. When the playing field gets down to four, Desiree journeys to each man’s hometown to meet his family. In other words, after we get to four, things get serious.

On the one hand, this makes this episode in Madeira very exciting. On the other hand, and much more importantly, it also makes this episode one where we all pretty much know the top three suitors (Brooks, Chris, Drew) and it doesn’t really matter who number four turns out to be,  because he’s not REALLY in the running anyway. We end up watching this episode waiting for her to send number five home so we can move forward.

and . . . Lame Duck.

Turns out the Lame Duck was Michael.

Don’t get me wrong here—Michael hasn’t really done anything wrong, and aside from his occasional “Matlock” moments (which I can respect), he played the dating game well. It’s tough to come in fifth—in many ways even worse than fourth or third, and you gotta feel for a guy who still calls his mom to tell her he got his heart broken (and I mean that in a good way).

As the guy who just made the cut, Zak W. is in a weird position. In terms of running a race, he’s waaaay behind the pack. First of all, he is not aware of the conversation Chris Harrison had with Desiree about her feelings for Brooks, Chris, or Drew—all of whom have the potential to run away with the show as the winner. Second of all, he went on the two-on-one date, WON THE GO-CART RACE, and DIDN’T get the rose.

Winning’s gotta count for something . . . unless you’re winning in fourth place.

I don’t know how to position Brooks, Chris, or Drew.

Brooks went on another high-altitude one-on-one date, trading the Hollywood Sign/Parachute date with a picnic above the clouds. (And c’mon, who wouldn’t be swooning a little after a date literally in the clouds?)

Chris continues to champion the cause of the all-around-good-guy. The poetry never gets old, as he continues to find new ways to incorporate it: writing a poem together for a Nicholas Sparks moment and telling her he loved her. BAM! Chris is the man.

Drew. Drew is kind of an enigma, and I’ll tell you why: the preview of upcoming Bachelorette moments blatantly shows Drew breaking Des’s heart.

How am I supposed to pull for a front-runner (Rachel’s favorite since episode 1) who I know will betray Des in the end? Maybe it doesn’t end poorly, and maybe there are some circumstances I’m not aware of . . . but I can’t see it ending well for him.

So really, it comes down to Brooks or Chris.

Lame Duck episode.




  1. I thought it was a little blah as well...I did think it was funny when Michael called his mom, but in a sweet way :) Can't wait for the hometowns!

  2. i feel like there is a token lame duck a guy who thinks he has a chance but in reality he was the last guy standing just to get cut before it gets really serious. oh that phone call to his mom in the phone, not sure if i feel it is sweet or just weird

  3. That cloud date was ultimate cheesy! Not surprised Michael ended up getting the boot though. I agree that it is sort of disappointing when someone/group wins something and the prize ends up as nothing. What is the point of competing?

  4. I'm happy to know who wins and who makes it in the end is a sure thing and it clearly showed after Monday night's show.

    How many of the guys told Dez they were in love with her or either said I love you and how many didnt? Think about that one and the answer is easy as pie. and even if I didnt know I'd still choose this person

  5. I like your lame duck take on this! It was obvs that Michael was going home last week when she choose him to stay. I loved what you wrote about his Matlock skills!

  6. I like your recap.. I think its Brooks, but who knows!

  7. It's sad for Michael and Zak, because it is SO clear how much more she feels for Brooks/Chris/Drew. Let's be honest. They only made it this far, because there wasn't anyone better.

    Is it sad that I'm ready for this season to be over? It's so boring!

  8. I am afraid Des likes Brooks more than he likes her...He seemed a little wishy washy on this episode.

    I hope they don't pick a guy from this season to be the next bachelor. It's time to pick someone totally new!


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