Thursday, November 28, 2013


My handsome husband who loves,
listens, advises,
has a servant’s heart,
and would do anything for me.
A beautiful son
whose eyes light up
when he sees me, “Mama!!”
A kicking, swishing, hiccupping
baby inside,
who I cannot wait to see
for the first time.
My supportive and sweet mother,
three living grandparents,
in-laws, step-families,
amazing role-model aunts,
fun uncles,
and cousins who can be like siblings to me.
For a crazy but loyal black dog.
For a warm and spacious home of four months,
and our first big Christmas tree
that just came in the mail.
For my mother-in-law’s blackberry pie.
For three adorable nieces,
(two waking up in my house this morning),
who are Nolan’s favorite buddies.
For good health,
a growing community of friends,
for grace.
It’s all more than I deserve,
and I thank God
for all of these blessings,
today & always.


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