Wednesday, February 26, 2014

what i wore wednesday

Do you ever feel like the mirror is your best friend, but the camera is not? In my high school psychology class, I remember reading that people favor their mirror images over their actual images. They conclude it’s due to the fact that we are more familiar with, and more exposed to, our mirror images. Before taking these photos, I was really happy with the outfit that I had chosen. I thought my hair looked nice after I blow-dried and straightened it. Then I spent a few minutes in front of the camera, and I just did not look like who I had just seen in the mirror. I thought my hair looked awful, and my outfit was ill-fitting on my postpartum body. I tweaked a couple things before I ended up with these photos (which I like). But still, my confidence level took a blow. I suppose I am just a perfectionist?

Speaking of hair... I’m thinking it might be time for a change. Do you think I should cut it or should I keep it long? I had it trimmed in December—and I asked for lots of layers at the bottom. It didn’t turn out the way I’d imagined. Any suggestions for a new cut or style? As for color, my hair was highlighted a year ago, and I loved it. However, I’m not sure I want to spend the money to do it again when it grows out so fast, and then I’m stuck with a non-purposeful ombre.

Shirt: Fruit of the Loom (husband’s)
Denim jacket: Old Navy
Skinnies: JCPenney
Shoes: Crocs 
Earrings: One Little Belt
Necklace: Lia Sophia

Denim and coral just belong together, no?

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  1. Love your blog! I read daily, just never take the time to comment. I found you through the McAnally Family blog. Your outfit is super cute and I think your hair looks beautiful! Hope things are going well with your 2 sweet littles, I have four ages 8,7,4,2 and love being a mama. Would love to see a detailed day in your life post, or a what's in my bag post...I am nosy like that, haha. Have a great day! Nicole

    1. Thanks Nicole! This comment made my day yesterday! I'll have to do a day-in-the-life post, but I'll wait until spring when I start getting out of the house more ;)

  2. I know what you mean about mirror images - I prefer my mirror "me" better than the camera "me". But you look terrific in these photos! If you're not quite ready for a drastic hair change, have you tried loose beachy waves? I think they'd look great on you - and they're not hard to do!

  3. Ok um...1) you look amazing and 2) you look amazing.

  4. I know what you mean too- that's happened a lot to me this week with how some of my pictures turned out! But I think you look fabulous in this outfit! I love the coral pants!

  5. You look great first of all! I totally agree with you on the mirror being your friend/images not! It is totally a kick in the pants :(

    And I understand wanting a change with your hair. I was the same way after having Xavier :) I say cut just below your collar bone to keep some length, but still freshen it up. And color....I don't like paying to fill in highlights and such, or the regrowth. I have my stylist add the highlights mainly around my face, but weave them under the "top" layer of hair. That way they can last longer and you don't see the regrowth. Saves money too!

  6. I am the same way about the camera - I'll think an outfit looks awesome and then I see a picture of it and change my mind :)

    I like your long hair! I am the worst person to give advice on hair because I just let mine get long and then chop it off. Over and over again. I probably need a new style myself!

  7. I love your bright jeans! And that psychological reasoning behind why we tend to prefer our mirror image is interesting--but I can see why it might be true!

  8. oh how your post related to me. I get SO frustrated when I look at photos of myself and they are just horrible. I will have taken 100 and find two decent ones. I think your hair is gorgeous! I bet you would look so adorable in short hair - however it never fails that once someone cuts their hair, they wish it was long again! thanks for posting
    alyssa b

  9. When I hate my photos, my husband reminds is everything! We just find different light and then I usually end up liking them. You're right, denim and coral are perfect together.

  10. I think you'd look great in a bob! Seriously think so! Especially with the spring coming up and with all the new changes in your life, why not right? Haha. Love the blog!!! Can't wait to try your French onion soup :)

  11. you look gorgeous! xox! and yes for the bob!

  12. Denim and coral twins. ;) Love it


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