Friday, April 25, 2014

our house project wishlist

We’ve been able to update quite a few of our rooms since we moved in, but things slowed down this winter with Steve’s busy schedule and our new baby. Now that the school year is wrapping up, it’s time to get into project mode.  :)  Feel free to help us with suggestions!!

For those of you visiting from Kelly’s Korner today, let me fill you in. Our house was built in 1920, so it’s quickly approaching 100 years. It was sold last summer at an undervalued price. Since we began renting it in July, we’ve been making improvements to restore the charm that has been lost over the years, and hopefully increase its future selling price.

Our biggest design challenge: check out this bathroom. It. Is. Awful. We only have two bathrooms despite the size of the house. This one is on first floor, between the kitchen and the living room. Even if you are a normal-sized person, it is nearly impossible to fit inside and close the door. I want our guests to be able to fit inside comfortably. Also, with potty training on the horizon, Mama needs to be able to squeeze in the bathroom with Nolan. :)

We’re not sure why there are two good-sized mirrors, except that perhaps they are supposed to make the room look larger?

Notice the amount of space between the sink and the doorjamb! What do you think about putting in a corner sink instead?

Originally, there was a toilet paper holder hanging from the ceiling—which was odd. We took it down and purchased a stand instead.

We aren’t sure what to do with the space under the stairs. The previous owners kept their cat’s litter box here, so it took a lot of effort to get rid of the smell. As you can see, the flooring stops halfway into the space. We would love to tear up the flooring, but it continues into the hallway and the kitchen. Maybe we could put in a saddle—one of those transition strips between different types/thicknesses of flooring.

Lastly, something MUST be done to the peeling stucco walls. Steve will probably need to scrape, sand, and re-plaster.

To the immediate right of the bathroom (when facing it), are these stairs.

  Steve tore the laminate off of the back staircase when he redid the floors, hoping to refinish them at the same time.

We haven’t quite gotten there, as you can see, because Steve ran out of time last summer. He also had to repair two stairs that had begun falling in. This summer should be a good time to check this job off of the list.

The back stairs connect with the front stairs at this landing before continuing to second floor.

This is the entryway at the front door of the house. We took down some old, lacy curtains, and I’d like to sew some new ones. We believe there is wood floor under this laminate, which would be nice to uncover and restore.

I’ve seen some gorgeous laundry rooms online recently. Maybe they’re in the south, because in the north this is what ours look like. :) This is in our unfinished basement, below the kitchen. Although we don’t spend a lot of time down here, the rug needs replacing and the walls could use a cheap coat of paint for sure.

Because I don’t want to leave you with just “before” pictures, here are two of the rooms we’re most proud of so far.

This is the “before” picture for Nolan’s room:

Here’s what we turned it into:

See more of his room here.

Living room before we moved in:

And now:

See more of this room here.

Thanks for stopping by!

I hope you come back to see the results :)

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  1. Oh, there are a few creepy corners in your house... It is so sad when people cover up beautiful woodwork with questionable patterned laminate or southwest stucco, isn't it? What you guys have done looks great!

  2. Rachel, I'm an old house girl too, and have redone a few in my day. My guess is the powder room was added later in the house's life, and that is why is is awkward at best. Thinking outside of the box here...could you eliminate part of the back staircase, giving you the room to expand the size of the powder room? I know it is a structural change and that is a BIG deal for Steve to do! But your previous pictures look like he could handle it! You could leave a little reading nook/window seat area just under the window (I see the vent) and build it out over the lower stairs....leaving the space that the lower stairs occupied to expand the powder room. If not that, enclose the space under the stairs (litter box space) for storage even if it is toilet paper and extra diapers/wipes/band aids it would be handy!
    I love the pattern in the wood floors-beautiful! I have enjoyed reading your blog, you are so very creative. You are blessed in so many ways!


    1. Thanks so much Buffy!
      Every room in the house has that square pattern in the wood floors--it's really neat!
      I like your idea of expanding the bathroom. And making a nice storage space under the stairs!
      I will also have to post photos of what our 2nd floor bathroom looks like (before & after) once it gets done. :)

  3. Wow- so much potential. Are you renting to own or just really nice renters doing work on it? I think a corner sink would save room. And pulling up laminate to get to the original hard woods is a great idea!

    1. Thanks! We aren't renting to own (at least that's not our plan as of now).
      We just want to love it while we're here and fix all of the problem areas :)

  4. That's a lot of work to be done! What’s great about all of it, though, is that there's also a lot of styling and decor potential, and a world of color to explore anew. I've seen the updates on the boys' rooms and play rooms and they certainly look amazing. I think you guys really have talent for restorations and home improvements, and I hope all your future projects meet similar, if not greater success! Thank you so much for sharing.

    Geoff Hull @ CSS Contracting

  5. The renovation of your house is fantastic. Although the bathroom looks kind of needing more space. I think putting up a big mirror is a great idea. In any way, I hope that your future house projects will be as successful as that. Thanks for sharing that, Rachel! All the best to you and your family!

    Lynne Hollaran @ Suburban Glass


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