Friday, May 30, 2014

our first garden

Last summer when we moved in to our house, the garden was super overgrown. We were able to get plenty of spicy peppers, tomatoes, and delicious raspberries from what the previous owners had planted, which was awesome:

We’re looking forward to a similar harvest this year, hopefully :) At the end of the summer, we pulled out waist-high weeds and plants. But already this May—this was the state of the garden:

My wonderful husband worked hard to get it to this: 

Before we plant, we really need to reinforce the parts of the boxes that have shifted.

A couple months ago I bought some plant starter kits from the Target dollar bin. These are my sunflowers, which shot up very quickly indoors and I transferred them outside. I really hope they bloom!

And these are very tiny strawberry plants. I haven’t transferred them to the garden because they are super fragile.

Our rhubarb is growing quickly, and I’m excited to make some strawberry rhubarb pie in a few weeks!
I let my pumpkins from Halloween compost in the garden—and this is what has grown from them! We’re confused because they don’t look like typical pumpkin vines. They are for sure growing from the pumpkin seeds because we can see the seeds at the top of the plant. Does anyone know?

Weeds, but still gorgeous!

Another question: to compost or not to compost? I’ve wanted to get rid of this bin for months, but now I am wondering if maybe we should dive head-first into composting for our garden?

We can see these beauties from our kitchen window—love them!

I did some research to find out what veggies grow best in our northern climate. I found this helpful Planting Calendar on

We set out to Lowe’s to choose some veggies that would do well here. We settled on these eight: squash, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes (of two sizes), zucchini, sweet pepper, and green beans. We figure that if we choose a lot of things, at least a couple of them should actually work out!

I’m accepting any and all advice on best ways to grow these!! :)
The new tools that Steve got me for Mother’s Day :)

I heard that if you have tomatoes, you MUST try Mater Magic. I’m going to test out that advice :)

Nolan was playing with all the seed packets. I am going to LOVE teaching him about how we grow food! And he’s going to love eating the tomatoes and carrots!

Baby Ephraim keeping an eye out on the gardening :)

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  1. Your pumpkin plants look funny because you have a million seedlings coming up all in the same place. You have to thin it down to one or two seedlings or they won't be able to develop well and will eventually choke each other out. They should get their true leaves and vines soon, but they are going to need root space. :-) Also I've never seen rhubarb like that. Is it a different variety?

  2. I must try that Mater Magic for my tomatoes, thank you! Good luck with your garden :)

  3. It looks great! We have those tiny $1 plants from Target too. The sunflowers did grow SUPER fast! My strawberries are taking their time growing up though.

    I think we're going to skip the plants this year but so far my flowers are doing well :)

  4. Good luck with your garden! We have been wanting to put a raised garden in our yard the past couple summers, but I think it may be pushed back another year. I have the worst black-thumb though! I tried doing some pot-gardening last year and did basil, tomatoes, and a pepper plant. We did get some good vegetables from those, but I'm really looking forward to trying a lot more out! Hopefully you have luck with all your different plants!

  5. Your garden looks great! We're fighting the Texas heat to get ours up and growing.
    What a fun little package you sent Andrea. I found your blog through hers and I've loved reading your posts lately. Your boys are so cute! And Ephraim's eyes...oh my gosh!

  6. I would absolutely compost! Your garden will thank you for it and so will your trash can! I grew up composting and the soil has always been so rich and full of nutrients! Its also a great lesson for the boys about natural science and recycling. :) Have fun gardening! It was one of my favorite experiences growing up!


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