Monday, December 1, 2014

our december checklist

November seems to have gone by in a flash, and here we are—December 1st! Our calendar is not too packed at this point, but we have several things that we are looking forward to in the next four and a half weeks. I’m spending some time today thinking about my to-do list for December, and the goals that we are setting for us this month.


Throw a hot chocolate party.

Send Christmas cards (Get our photo taken soon!)


Drive around town to look at lights.

Bake and decorate sugar cookies.

Read “Luke 2” often.

Watch one light-hearted Christmas movie a week, “Home Alone”, “While You Were Sleeping”, or “Elf”.

Bake Grandma’s oatmeal bread.

Listen to Amy Grant’s Christmas CDs on repeat.

Read all the Christmas books we can get our hands on at home and at the library.

Build a snowman.

Cut out paper snowflakes.

Kiss under the mistletoe.

Make Christmas cookie kit jars.


Finish Christmas shopping.

Make gingerbread ornaments with the boys.

Donate toys.

Take some much-needed naps.

Sing Christmas carols.

Hopefully attend my cousin’s baby shower and a friend’s wedding!

Go sledding.

See Nolan as a shepherd in the Christmas program at church!

(Sidenote—We will see if Nolan can follow directions in the kids’ program. Yesterday morning, we lit the first Advent candle as a family at the start of the church service. Nolan kept inching away from us as Steve read the Scripture. I sternly whispered for him to stay close, but pretty soon, he had reached a short microphone on the other side of the stage. He began singing his ABCs! The congregation laughed and clapped as we whisked him away :)

Celebrate Baby Ephraim’s first Christmas!


Linking up today with Andrea for “What’s On. . . Your Calendar”

What’s on your calendar this month?

Come back tomorrow for a peek into our home to see our Christmas decorations!


  1. Love those cookie kit jars! Such a great gift idea! Your family is precious~


  2. Looks like a fun month!!! I am laughing about Nolan and the ABCs. Cute but I am sure for you at that moment it wasn't!

  3. Love your Christmas card from last year! And a hot cocoa party sounds fun!

  4. I swear I'm so awful at Christmas cards! It should be something I plan in November, but by the time I think about it, the month is half over! But I do love me some Christmas lights-seeing, so that is an easy thing to check off my list :)
    Happy December!
    Carylee |
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