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Every Girl Link-Up || Around the House Remedies

Around the House Remedies

Today, Astleigh of Hill Collection and I are talking about “Around the House Remedies”—tips and tricks to getting your home clean in time for spring! If you’ve got a blog and some ideas that you want to share, please feel free to link up with us!

Hill Collection

I get such a good feeling when I am able to lift a stain out of a favorite shirt, or deep clean something in the kitchen that has been dirty for way too long. With two kids, it seems like I am always cleaning up someone’s mess. I’ll share some of my newest cleaning tips with you, and I hope to glean some wisdom from some of you all as well! :)


Let’s start with my coffeepot. (I know most of you probably have Keurigs, but humor me, haha.) For the life of me, I couldn’t get this brown coffee residue off of the glass. I tried soaking it and scrubbing it with dishsoap and vinegar—but I couldn’t get it off completely. My next idea was to take baking soda and make it into a paste by adding just a little bit of water. Worked like a charm!

The brown started coming off on my fingers immediately! I assume this would work on coffee stains on mugs as well!

I’m happy to have a clean carafe once again!


To freshen up my kitchen drain and hopefully dissolve some clogs, I mix 1/2 cup of baking soda with 1/4 cup salt. I pour it down the drain, and follow it with one cup of heated vinegar. It's a fun reaction to watch :) I let it sit for 15 minutes, and then rinse it down with hot tap water.

Every couple of days, I’ll pour some boiling water from my tea kettle down the drain to loosen things up.


I actually got this from a post I read on Astleigh’s blog a while back! To clean the inside of the microwave, put one cup of water and a spoonful of vanilla extract into a bowl. Microwave it for 5 minutes. Then wipe down the microwave with a paper towel. All of the junk comes right off! (For me it was a lot of popcorn grease and spaghetti sauce splatters.) And as an added perk, my kitchen had a delicious vanilla aroma! :)


Before I use any heavy cleaners for stains or smells on rugs, couches, or mattresses, I try baking soda! All you do is sprinkle it on the spot, let it sit for 15-30 minutes to absorb the odor, and then vacuum it up!


 I wash everything in “Tide Free & Gentle”. For stains, I put a scoop of this “Dirty Jobs” oxygen stain remover in a bucket, and fill it with hot water. I let the clothes soak for an hour or two, and then I put them in the washing machine. For most of the baby’s food stains, this works great! I am still searching for products that work 100% of the time, so I'd love to hear your recommendations for favorite stain removers!


How often do you wash your bath towels? I like to launder my towels after every 3rd use (though to be honest, I often lose track). To kill germs, it’s best to wash towels in the hottest water you can. Shake the towels before you toss them in the dryer to help them stay fluffier longer!


Since I have baby wipes in practically every room of my house, I often grab them when I need to do a quick cleaning. I mostly use them to wipe up dog hair of off the baseboards, or hair and makeup off of the sink. Mine don’t have any harsh cleaners in them, but make sure yours are safe for the surface you need.


Did you know you can wash a plastic liner in the washing machine to temper mildew? Add two or three bath towels to the wash to fill the load, then hang the liner to dry. You can wash the fabric shower curtain as well, according to the directions on the tag. :)

I hope that you were able to find one or two helpful cleaning tips!

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  1. i'm glad to know we are in good company using an "old fashioned" coffee pot instead of a keurig each morning! and one of the coffee pots at our church has the brown spots/stains stuck on the bottom! i'm going to have to use baking soda to clean it on sunday! loved all your tips!

  2. Love your tips Rachel! I've used the vanilla in the microwave. I always have baby wipes on hand too, even though my kids are all out of diapers. ;) I learned you can get gum out of a dryer with a damp dryer sheet! Hopefully you never need that one. ;)

  3. HimRachel. Thanks for the great tips especially the microwave cleaning. I have been procrastinating on mine because of having to reach the "ceiling" to scrub. I feel like I have to turn partially upside down and sideways. I will try your tip.

  4. I love how light and airy your photos are!! And I'm going to need to try some of your tips out!

    1. i totally agree... thought the same thing when reading!

  5. sorry... i thought it was a spring cleaning link-up :) however, i love this and hope it's ok that i linked up! such great advice- i really need to clean our coffee pot so this is fantastic! thanks for sharing. beautiful photos and i just love, love your blog!! have a great day

    1. Totally a spring cleaning kind of deal going on! Your post is spot on for this link-up!

  6. I actually use baking soda for a lot of things. Surprisingly this stuff works better than some of the chemicals you can buy out there.

  7. Great tips!!! Totally trying the vanilla in the microwave.


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