Monday, May 25, 2015

Favorite Hair Products

Happy Memorial Day! I hope the weather is nice where you are, your barbeques are hot, and your family is close!

Today, I’m linking up with Erika and Andrea to share about my favorite hair products!

I am, by no means, a hair expert,but I’m learning more and more as time goes on. I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on hair products, but I still believe that quality matters when it comes to hair supplies—they are not all created equal :) I also think that products are necessary when trying to attempt any and all styling.

For shampoo and conditioner, I like products that add a little bit of volume. Right now, I’m using Pantene Pro-V “Sheer Volume”. I honestly don’t notice a huge difference in my hair when I use different shampoos and conditioners. What’s most important to me, having such long hair, is that the conditioner actually works to smooth out the tangles and leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth. I can definitely say that Pantene does that for me.

These are two of my drugstore loves. “Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray” has an amazing coconutty smell, and does well for adding some texture and dimension to wet hair. I use Dove Dry Shampoo on my second-day hair. Dry shampoo is never the miracle that I’m hoping for when my hair gets greasy, but this one does a good job at lifting the hair off of my scalp to make it look less dirty.

My favorite way to wear my hair is curled. My hair is stick-straight, and I have trouble getting the curl to last longer than 10 minutes. One of the BEST products I’ve found is Redken Hot Sets 22. I picked it up at Ulta (for $17—which is a little steep). It’s a thermal setting mist, and it is a heat protectant spray. I spritz it on each section of hair before I curl it with the iron. It seems to make all the difference in getting some lasting curls! I finish up with Suave hairspray, but I’m curious if switching to a Redken hairspray would really seal the deal for my curls.

These two products are great, though I admit that I don’t use them very often. In summer humidity, Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Serum is awesome at keeping the frizz at bay. Kate (hair guru from The Small Things Blog) highly recommends Aquage Uplifting Foam for volume, but I haven’t quite figured out its super power yet. I do see additional volume when it’s sprayed at the roots and blow-dryed, but it makes my hair feel greasy the next day, so I would have to start showering daily if I was serious about Aquage.

Lastly, these are my very favorite bobby pins and hair ties. The Diane bobby pins are professional grade, metal, and hold hair much better than drugstore plastic ones. With long hair, I really recommend Goody Stay-Put Elastics. My ponytails used to fall with the weight of my hair, but the ridges on these bands really do securely keep my hair in place. My ponytail can be as high as I want it to be :)

What products and supplies do you use and recommend? My ears are always open to hearing about what works!


  1. I have the Not Your Mother's sea salt spray and it doesn't do much for my hair. I think maybe it's too long or too dried out/dead (really need a trim!) OR it's because my hair never ever ever holds a curl (so why hold beachy waves?!). For dry shampoo I love Batiste but before that I used Not Your Mother's--I think both of them are great if you're not in love with your current one!

  2. I love the sea salt spray!!!! I use it a good bit, and Pantene is my favorite shampoo too!!!!!:)

  3. I just invested in bumble and bumble surf spray and love it! but love love love that you have found a sea salt spray that you like.. I am always looking for more options ideas! also might have to try out the Dove dry shampoo..i have yet to pull the trigger and purchase one, but that is one i can commit too and not feel guilty about if it ends up not working ;-)

  4. i want to try that sea salt spray on my wet hair. I tried it at the store once but my hair was dry. My hair doesn't really hold a curl or beachy wave so I'm skeptical, but it's good to hear a real user's opinion of it!

    I also have a dry shampoo I don't love, I'll have to try dove's.

    Thanks for sharing this is so fun!


Thank you so much for your comments! I enjoy reading each one!


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