Monday, February 28, 2011

hometown visit

Today, despite the rain and fog and possible snow, Steve and I are making a "spring" break for it: to Chicago!  Tonight we'll stay with my aunt in Indiana and dine on Chinese food with my grandpa, stepgrandma, my mom's two sisters, and my uncle.  Tomorrow morning, we'll drive into the city and start finding friends to catch up with. :)  I haven't been to Chicago in almost two years (since graduation), which is the longest I've ever been away from my home city.  I often dwell on how time and distance have changed my relationships with so many friends.  So it's time to go back for two days, have fun, restore friendships, and eat a lot of my favorite pizza.   Mmm!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

new blog

I've been following a few blogs for months now, maybe even a year.  Every so often I draft my own post, then I go back and delete it.  This is why I don't journal actually.  I can remember trying to start journals: writing a page, feeling satisfied, maybe writing another page.  Then I'd go back to it, hate my handwriting or hate the way I sounded, then I'd tear it up.  So here is a promise that I'm not going to press the delete button on my blog.  This is it.

I suppose the biggest reason why I am ready to blog for real this time: I have a topic to write about!  As of today, I am 13 weeks pregnant, which means I'm officially graduating to my second trimester!!  This is really good news, as the first trimester is probably the least exciting of the three.  I am not showing yet, and have not gained any weight (which is good!), but I am ready for people to tell just by looking at me that this baby is on its way!  I am excited to start feeling the baby move inside.  When we saw the sonogram on February 8th, we could see his/her little arms and legs flapping, and I can't wait to feel the movement! I still can't believe that this is working, that I am capable of growing a baby!

We heard the heartbeat for the first time on Monday.  We went in to officially meet the doctor, who is really really nice and had a smile on his face the whole time.  I am disappointed actually that I won't deliver the baby with him.  (I'll mention why later).  Then he put the doppler on me to search for the heartbeat.  When at first we didn't hear anything, I got nervous.  But he moved it even lower (I didn't know babies were that low!) and we heard a fast, loud beat that Steve says sounded like bongos.  How cool!  Right now my only major symptoms of pregnancy are that I require extra sleep and extra food.

Steve has applied to 11 PhD programs, and so far has been accepted to one, and denied from one.  Everyday we anxiously await the mail in case something from one of the schools comes.  At this point, in the fall when baby arrives (around August 31st, my birthday), we could live in Nebraska, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, or in a different town still in Pennsylvania.  I could let myself get really nervous about this, but at this point, I'm trusting God that it's going to be an adventure, and he will put us in the perfect spot.  I have been ready to move for a long time.  We've been living here for 19 months without many friends, without a church home, without a steady job for me, in cold weather, in an apartment where we don't know our neighbors.  So basically any of the places we could move sound dreamy to me :)  In May or early June, when I'm 6 months pregnant, we'll pack up this cute little home, toss Ivy puppy in the car, and see where life takes us...


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