Monday, February 20, 2017

August's Birth

Better late than never, right? I finally sorted through these photos and chose my favorites (so hard to do!) I have a baby attached to me almost all day and all night, so I'll try to make this short and sweet.

I REALLY thought the baby was going to be born a few days after Christmas. I was hoping for a December baby, and I thought I got my wish on Thursday, December 29th when I was having contractions every three minutes after dinner that night. Steve and I packed our bags and drove to the hospital, only to be sent home by my doctor a couple hours later. I fully expected to be back at the hospital within the next day or so, but instead, I didn't feel those same consistent contractions for a full week. On Thursday, January 5th, I was five days past my due date and I went in to the doctor's office for another appointment. He judged me to be at 3 centimeters, and he told me that he would break my water at the hospital. I could either choose Friday morning, or Monday morning, so I went with Friday, obviously. :) 

I came home, relieved to finally know when the baby was coming! I asked Steve to take these photos of me with Ephraim. I wanted to capture his last moments as my youngest baby.

Steve went to lead youth group at 4 pm. Around dinnertime, I started feeling contractions, and they were pretty strong. When Steve got home at 7 pm, I knew that we needed to go to the hospital. They admitted me right away (it helped that I was coming in to get induced the next morning anyway). It turned out that the contractions were real--yay! I got an epidural around 11 pm, and the doctor broke my water soon after.

At 1 am, the doctor came back and asked me how I was feeling. (I was feeling really good with the epidural.) He figured that I would have delivered already. When he checked me, he said I was at 10 cm, and the baby's head was "right there". He called in the nurses, and he asked me to do a practice push. He quickly told me to stop pushing so he could get his gloves on! And at 1:08 am, and with really only one push or so, 


August nursed for a long time, and the nurses let me hold him for about two hours before they cleaned him and weighed him.

At 8 pounds, 6 ounces, August was our biggest baby. (Nolan was 8# 2 oz, and Ephraim was 7# 0 oz.)

It was hard to get any sleep because we were enjoying him so much!

The next morning, my mom brought the very-excited older brothers to meet August!

I'm so glad we captured these sweet moments!

Grandma Z meeting the baby.

And MorMor holding our little sweet pea.

I can't believe it's already been six weeks! I'm not sure where the time is going, but I know that August is just the most precious little guy, and we are basking in his newborn-ness as long as we can! :) We thank God for such a smooth birth experience and a healthy baby! We don't take that for granted, he is such a blessing!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

"Bear Hug" Children's Book Giveaway

The boys and I want to share our current favorite book with you! We got a copy of "I'm Going to Give You a Bear Hug," the new children's book by Caroline B. Cooney. I used to read Caroline B. Cooney books when I was in middle school. Do you remember "The Face of the Milk Carton," "Whatever Happened to Janie?," and "The Voice on the Radio"? Or the "Time Travelers" series, like "Both Sides of Time" and "Prisoner of Time"?  I loved her books! This is her first children's book, and it is super cute. It is an easy read and an excellent bedtime story.

The story is of a mommy putting her little boy to bed, and she uses the parts of his bedtime routine to give him a different kind of hug. Each page is a different animal . . . I'm going to give you a bear hug, a dog hug, a fish hug, a bug hug, cat hug, etc. The animals mostly correspond with what the little boy is doing. For example, he gets a fish hug when he's in the bathtub, and he gets a sheep hug when mommy puts a warm blanket on him. It's a really sweet rhyming book with whimsical illustrations.

"I'm going to give you a whale hug
A high tide,
Ocean wide,
Take me for a sail hug." 

For a chance to win a hard-cover copy of this book for your favorite little one, enter the Rafflecopter below. Or buy it here on Amazon or on

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