Saturday, August 12, 2017

Family Camp 2017

SO we are moving to INDIANA on TUESDAY! More on that later. . . I'm taking a break from the packing and craziness to write a couple of updates about our summer. 

A few weeks ago, we went to Fourth of July Family Camp in New York for the fifth year in a row with the Zimm side!

My goal for the week was to spend as much time by the water as we could!

Festive face :)

The annual kids' parade.

The seven cousins.
Ages 12, 7, 5, 5, 3, 2 and 0!

We went on a pontoon boat ride, and his big cheeks were pressed up by the puffy life jacket. :)

The cutest little smile!

I brought two big bags of puppy chow with us, and Ephraim was all over that! Powdered sugar everywhere.

Dancing in the chapel :)

Slip 'n Slide fun!

With our friends Abby and Zoey.

Camp has a new pool! It took some convincing to get Ephraim in it.

While we were there, August turned 6 months-old!

Kayaking with Daddy.

Uncle Josh :)

Steve's grandpa came over to camp from Erie and we took this photo of FOUR generations of Zimm guys!

Steve and I went back to the place of our first date, ten years later. 

Perry's ice cream is always the best.

Beach baby :)

I don't have the photo of all of us in our shirts, but we had family shirts made for my in-laws' 40th anniversary. We all got our names on the back, and the numbers are in order of when we joined the family. August is #15 :)

Ellie was one of my campers when I was a counselor, and this was her first year on staff! My boys ADORE her! (And so do I!)

We also love Ellie's brother Ben!

After camp, we went to Steve's grandma Olive's 100th birthday party!

August meeting his second cousin Wesley, who was just a few weeks old!

The whole family on Steve's mom's side.

Born in 1917 and born in 2017! So amazing! Olive is such a special lady, and we were so glad to celebrate this huge milestone with her.



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