Monday, June 30, 2014


Switching subjects, here’s a recap of the outfits I’ve worn this month. I’m continually inspired by pins I see on Pinterest. This summer I feel like there are so many maxi dresses on Pinterest.

I attempted to share in the maxi love with my new Target racerback and eShakti chambray dresses :) 

Dress: Mossimo Junior’s Racerback Maxi in “Hot Wire Aqua”
Shoes: Troentorp Clogs “O’Keefe” in White

Dress: eShakti  (I did a blog post about it last fall when I was pregnant.)

Earrings: Nickel & Suede

Another pin I found incorporates bright green with floral. I attempted to recreate the idea.

Shirt: American Eagle
Shorts: a.n.a. at JCPenney
Shoes: Crocs A-Leigh Mini Wedge

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Friday, June 27, 2014

dear chicago

On our way home from Nebraska, we spent two days in my hometown Chicago. Our trip was slowed down, first by a flat tire before we left our hotel. Then we saw some major storm action on our way out of the state. The radio was predicting ping-pong sized hail along I-80, but luckily we didn’t see any of that. Later on that night, we heard there were double tornados that destroyed a town in the north-east part of the state :(

Grateful to have discovered “Paw Patrol,” which kept Nolan entertained for . . . a while. :)

At a Wendy’s somewhere in the very long state of Iowa. 

And this is what the majority of our trip looked like! At least Hammie was trying to cheer Ephraim up! E decided he was done with his car seat somewhere around Des Moines, and hated it all the way home.

We finally arrived in Chicago around 10pm, and Nolan fell asleep in Steve’s arms—he hasn’t done that in probably a year!

Nolan helping Bryan cut cantaloupe. Bad blogger—I didn’t get a good picture of our wonderful hosts, Bryan and Stacey.

Selfie in front of the house I grew up in from ages 0-14 :)

We had to stop at my very favorite hot dog joint, “Wolfy’s.” Best dogs in Chicago!

In September of 2012, my sister’s high school dedicated Hannah's memorial garden. The four of us visited the beautiful mosaic benches again.


Planes on their way to O’Hare fly overhead, literally every minute. When you live there, you don’t hear them, but after living in a small town it’s the coolest thing. Nolan got so excited to see them that he had to show Hammie!

The four benches in the distance.

When in doubt which brand of pizza you should order, choose both! One of my favorites is a thin-crust from a restaurant called “Martino’s.” The other is a classic deep-dish from Lou Malnati’s. I’ve never had both a the same time before, and it was AMAZING! Obviously food is something I am always missing from Chicago :)

My aunt Meg made us an amazing brunch at her house.

Nolan’s late nights and bad appetite caught up with him on our last night. He got pretty sick, unfortunately, so we cancelled our plan to stop by Indianapolis the next day.

There were a lot of friends in Chicago that we did not get to see, and we’re still pretty disappointed about it. But I’m so glad we got to visit with one of my college BFFs, Linnea!

We drove past my dad’s high school on the way out of the city—fitting because it was June 19.

Steve was a rockstar and got us all the way home, with a screaming baby and a not-feeling-so-hot toddler. I’m so grateful that we were able to make the 32+ hour drive, and see our family and friends in old familiar places. :)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

tim & amy’s wedding

While we were in Nebraska, we celebrated my cousin Tim marrying his long-time girlfriend, Amy. Tim has always been a little brother to me, and it was so special to see him make this huge step of commitment :) Sidenote—you can see my cousins Tim and Sam are well over six feet tall (I’m 5’7” and wearing wedges in this photo). I am so hoping that Nolan and Ephraim get some height from this side of the family!

Rewinding to earlier in the day…

We drove past my high school so I could do a little reminiscing :)

We stopped at Jimmy John’s near the school to eat some delicious subs for lunch.

Mouth full :)

We were the only customers in the restaurant, and I was chatting to Steve about my cousin Katie (in a good way, haha!) when she came strolling into Jimmy John’s! Her hair and makeup were all done as sister-of-the-groom and bridesmaid, and she was picking up a party tray to take to the church (five miles away). Out of all the restaurants in Lincoln!

After the wedding, we headed to a lovely reception.

They had a table set for all the family in Heaven. My dad’s picture is to the far left, and these are Tim’s grandparents on his mom’s side.
Tim and Katie had an older sister Rebecca, who died when she was four days-old after complications at birth. I was three months-old at the time when we all still lived in Chicago, and I have always known that we would have been best friends :)

My sister Hannah had a seat as well :) :)

I was able to take all of those shots because my boys were asleep in the car. Once they awakened, I quickly passed off my camera to my cousin Sarah because there was no way I could be a mom and photographer at the same time!

I took these next ones off of my mom’s Facebook because she got some GREAT group shots :)

Me, Katie, Ephraim

Me, Aunt Karen, Aunt Meg, Aunt Tina (mom-of-groom), Aunt Yvonne, and my mom with Uncle John photo-bombing

Thanks Tim and Amy for a wonderful wedding, and a great excuse to come out and visit!! Wishing you guys a lifetime of happiness!



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