Thursday, June 26, 2014

tim & amy’s wedding

While we were in Nebraska, we celebrated my cousin Tim marrying his long-time girlfriend, Amy. Tim has always been a little brother to me, and it was so special to see him make this huge step of commitment :) Sidenote—you can see my cousins Tim and Sam are well over six feet tall (I’m 5’7” and wearing wedges in this photo). I am so hoping that Nolan and Ephraim get some height from this side of the family!

Rewinding to earlier in the day…

We drove past my high school so I could do a little reminiscing :)

We stopped at Jimmy John’s near the school to eat some delicious subs for lunch.

Mouth full :)

We were the only customers in the restaurant, and I was chatting to Steve about my cousin Katie (in a good way, haha!) when she came strolling into Jimmy John’s! Her hair and makeup were all done as sister-of-the-groom and bridesmaid, and she was picking up a party tray to take to the church (five miles away). Out of all the restaurants in Lincoln!

After the wedding, we headed to a lovely reception.

They had a table set for all the family in Heaven. My dad’s picture is to the far left, and these are Tim’s grandparents on his mom’s side.
Tim and Katie had an older sister Rebecca, who died when she was four days-old after complications at birth. I was three months-old at the time when we all still lived in Chicago, and I have always known that we would have been best friends :)

My sister Hannah had a seat as well :) :)

I was able to take all of those shots because my boys were asleep in the car. Once they awakened, I quickly passed off my camera to my cousin Sarah because there was no way I could be a mom and photographer at the same time!

I took these next ones off of my mom’s Facebook because she got some GREAT group shots :)

Me, Katie, Ephraim

Me, Aunt Karen, Aunt Meg, Aunt Tina (mom-of-groom), Aunt Yvonne, and my mom with Uncle John photo-bombing

Thanks Tim and Amy for a wonderful wedding, and a great excuse to come out and visit!! Wishing you guys a lifetime of happiness!


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