Tuesday, June 24, 2014

sweet home nebraska

The next stop on our road trip—Lincoln, Nebraska—was my home from freshman through senior years of high school. I hadn’t been out there in over four years and I was really excited to see my old stomping grounds and celebrate a family wedding!

My cousin Katie, one of my very best friends, invited us over to her apartment’s pool. Her little boys, Donovan and Liam, are five and four years-old, and they are the perfect playmates for Nolan! Steve tried to coax Nolan into the chilly pool, but Nolan wanted nothing of it :)

He did, however, enjoy squirting water with this water gun on the sidelines of the pool.

Later that night, we met up with the rest of the family for some brownies & ice cream, sandbox-playing, and good Saturday-night fun.

Nolan really enjoyed playing with cousin Sarah! Sarah borrowed my camera for a while, so some of these amazing shots are thanks to her :)

My aunts and uncles are such wonderful people and role models for us! Steve and I left this party saying to ourselves, “Why don’t we do this every Saturday night?”


  1. Nice job, Sarah!! She really captured a unique and different perspective. How fun!

    It looks like you guys really enjoyed your time in NE! :)


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