Monday, June 23, 2014

road tripping

Two Thursdays ago we did a very brave thing by putting our two little guys in the car and embarking on a 1,000 mile road trip. Our first stop was Valparaiso, Indiana—home to my grandpa (my mom’s dad) and my mom’s two sisters.

My aunt Sally made a retirement cake for Don with four bright colored layers. She joked that she wanted to feature it on the blog :)

It was SO special for Ephraim to meet his great-grandpa Dan, and great-grandpa’s wife Gayle!! My grandpa had three daughters, five granddaughters, and only one grandson. But in this new generation, he has four great-grandsons and one great-granddaughter! They are all under four years old :)

Four generations!

The rest of the crew (minus Don and Steve).

My cousins weren’t able to meet up with us in Valparaiso. But skipping ahead to a few days later, we caught up with my cousin Lindsay at Culver’s in Ottawa, Illinois. Lindsay and her husband Chris had baby Tristan only five days before we had Ephraim!  It was incredibly fun to finally see the two babies together!

All of these people mean so much to me!

Tomorrow I’ll have to share my dad’s side of the family on our trip!

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  1. What a fun roadtrip! I was up in Valpo this past weekend. So glad that summer is finally here - the Region and Chicagoland are so wonderful in the summertime :)

  2. I was hoping to see the two babies together. And I was thinking. We should really make a point to get a picture with grandpa and ALL of his great grandbabies!!


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