Thursday, June 12, 2014

our five year anniversary

Tomorrow is our fifth anniversary, so I thought I’d throwback to 2009 :) Our wedding day was one of the best days of my life. I knew I loved this man with my whole heart, but I had no idea how much that love would grow in five years! Happy anniversary, Steve. You are the best man I know—you are a natural leader, with a heart of gold. You are so patient with me and you can make me laugh at the silliest things. Our boys will grow up to adore you. And I will never stop thanking God that He put you in my path. :)

The gentleman on the far left (my cousin Tim) is getting hitched this weekend, and I am so excited to see almost all of these faces!!

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  1. Wedding pictures seriously make my heart happy. You were a beautiful bride! :) happy anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary! What beautiful pictures to remember such a special day!

  3. Happy anniversary! Beautiful pictures and I LOVE the printed bridesmaid dresses!

  4. Happy anniversary!!

    And check you out with the light and shorter hair!!

  5. Happy Anniversary to you two!!!

  6. Happy Anniversary! Your pictures are beautiful! We also had pink daisies in the flowers at our wedding too :)


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