Saturday, March 9, 2013

18 months!

Happy half-birthday to my sweetheart!
I made a cake for you the other night, but unfortunately Mommy and Daddy either have food poisoning or the stomach flu, and we could barely eat a thing today!
You amaze me every day.
We have hardly talked about sheep, but today you pointed right at a little cartoon lamb and said “baaaa”!
You love saying “hi” and “bye”.
You still refuse to say “Mama”. I say “say, Hi Mama!”, and you repeat “Hi Dada".
I love when you lean in to give me baby kisses.
You get major separation anxiety when I leave your side.
When I put in my contacts yesterday, you mimicked me by sticking your fingers into my lens case and then into your eyes.
You have a curious and adventurous spirit, and you make us so very happy.
18 months already—wow!


  1. Happy 18 months to Nolan!!!
    Was he born on Sept 9? Claire's bday is Sept 9 (she is 4 and a half today) and Luke was born August 9th so he is 7 months old today)

  2. So sweet! happy half birthday Nolan!! love the "hi dada" story, so funny! :). my little guy turns 4 next Saturday. I just can't even believe it... It just goes so fast!

  3. I thought Pearson would never say Mama, and now that he does he never stops! I constantly hear Momeeeeey Mommmeeeyyy all day long. But I love it though and wouldn't change it for the world!!



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