Tuesday, April 9, 2013

19 months!

A year ago, I still had a baby:

Today, I have a 19-month-old little boy!

I see so many signs of Nolan getting older. He is starting to love playing with cars and his wooden train set. He makes cute little noises for the cars/train while he rolls them along. Yesterday, we went for a walk, and he was so content to watch and listen. He was amazed by all the birds flying by, he told me “car” every time he saw one pass, and he woofed at the three Boston terriers who came out of their doggy door to peek at us. He loves to pretend to sip out of our empty coffee mugs in the mornings. And he is definitely learning right from wrong, although he is just too curious to stay away from the wrong.

I saw this quote a few places this week, and I need to print it off as a daily reminder for myself on my wall.

“you will never have this day
with your children again.
tomorrow, they’ll be a little older
than they were today.
this day is a gift.
breathe and notice.
smell and touch them;
study their faces
and little feet
and pay attention.
relish the charms of the present.
enjoy today, mama.
it will be over before you know it.”
Jen Hatmaker

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  1. Thanks much for stopping by Rachel! Your little man is adorable!
    Xoxo Hanna

  2. Following now! :)

    What a cutie! That toothy smile!

  3. Sooo cute!!! Happy 19 months Nolan!!!

  4. Nolan is so cute! He and X are only a few months apart :)

  5. Happy 19 months. They grow up way too fast, huh??


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