Friday, June 3, 2016

A visit from friends

Memorial Day weekend flew by, and now we're three days into June, my favorite month! We had some really fun visitors this week - Ruth (one of my best friends and college roommates), her husband Jake, and their 17-month-old son Joel. They came all the way from Michigan, enduring a couple of hours of standstill traffic and a restless toddler, but we hope we made it worth their while! We got a little heat wave over the weekend, so we pulled out all of the fans, filled up the water table, and of course made a trip for ice cream. The seven of us had the best time together, and we've really missed them the last few days!

All of the guys after some Penn State Creamery ice cream!

Giving the goats a snack.

They're easy to please with a pile of rocks. :)

Splashing around in the water table, getting thoroughly soaked. Ruth took a lot of these photos, and they're so cute!


Helping Daddy water the garden. So far, it isn't doing as well as in years past. We've never had trouble with bunnies before, but there are bites missing out of some of the plants. . .

Playing with bubbles after church on Sunday at Grandpa and Grandma's house.

Ruth got this sweet shot of the sweaty boys.

So thankful for this girl's friendship.

Ruth has a tasty homemade pizza recipe that we made together. The boys were happy to help roll out the dough.

Steve's idea of good hospitality is fresh donuts every morning, so he surprised us when we woke up on both Saturday and Sunday. No one complained. ;)


On Sunday night, we visited my mom and Don for dinner. They grilled chicken, and spoiled us with pasta salad, chips, fruit salad, and warm chocolate chip cookie bars.

Group shot of the seven of us :)

Resting up in his tent after our company left to go back to Michigan.

My friend Ashley Rose asked me to write this sign for a Gatsby-themed wedding shower she was throwing on Sunday. I thought it was so pretty how she staged it.

My mom was dog-sitting a Pomeranian named Duchess, and N & E loved following her around and getting puppy kisses.

The rest of our week has been really low-key. We're all happy so long as we get some outside time!

When we were out on a walk, I noticed the Mountain Laurel are blooming!

And the pink peonies are looking gorgeous as well.

On Wednesday, our Ivy girl turned seven! If you know her story, this is a big deal for us. She is our dog with nine lives. She was sick all of Memorial Day weekend. She ate a baby wipe, and then couldn't stop throwing up. And when she was done, she was so exhausted that she couldn't eat or do anything for two days. She's just about back to normal, and we are so grateful. She is a resilient little girl!

Wearing pink party hats and eating pink strawberry cupcakes.

I need to post this chocolate frosting recipe soon - it's my new favorite!

Thanks for catching up with us :)  Hope you have a beautiful June weekend!

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  1. Such a fun time! I love the group photos!!

  2. Those flowers are so beautiful! Always so fun to get a visit from friends! Looks like you had a great time! That chocolate frosting on that strawberry cupcake looks divine!


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