Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Family Camp 2016


We spent all of last week enjoying the sand and sun at church camp in New York. Steve and I worked there during our college summers, and we've now been back for four straight years of Family Camp with the Zimm side. Nolan and Ephraim had a blast playing with their cousins, splashing in the lake, trying out the Slip N Slide, eating candy at the canteen, and doing a project or two at Arts and Crafts. Steve was happy with several rounds of frisbee golf and quite a few card games with his brothers and new friends. And I really enjoyed the warm weather and connecting with other moms :)

We arrived on Sunday night, and our first full day was the 4th of July. Everyone at camp dons their red, white, and blue, and the kids put on a cute parade for the parents.

My two guys are always ready to celebrate a holiday!

That tongue!!

 Grandpa and Grandma Zimm with the boys.

We tried to get a good cousins photo, but the balloons were a little distracting ;) 

My mom sent us with some of her delicious sugar cookies - jars of lemonade, and masons of patriotic candy :)

The boys spent the afternoon on the giant Slip N Slide. Every time Ephraim got on Steve's back, he called out, "Coming Mommy--choo choo!" That boy loves his trains :)

They served a dinner of grilled hot dogs and hamburgers down at the beach, and Steve got in on a game of Can Jam. The boys were wiped out at bedtime, so we didn't stay up for any of the fireworks, but it was a good day!

A sweet moment with Ephraim (2.5 years) and K (4.5 years), almost the same size ;)

Afternoon naps at camp are a must when you're two!

Tuesday night, the counselors served as babysitters, and the parents had the "night out". We ate dinner at camp sans kids, and then Josh, Phil, Dana, Steve and I went out for ice cream.

An amazing double scoop of mint chocolate and raspberry fudge.

Wednesday afternoon, a guy doing lawn care at camp found baby bunnies and called us over to see. They were only about the size of my fist, and they didn't budge even though they were scared of us. I wanted to take one home!

Steve's Grandpa Jack visited for a few hours that afternoon. We celebrated his birthday with brownies and homemade cards from the kids.

Ephraim was fascinated with Great-Grandpa's Snoopy singing/light-up card. 

My favorite part of camp was getting a couple of pontoon boat rides on the lake! The first time we went out with just the four of us and the camp director, Bryan. It was the boys' first real boat ride!

Little captains.

He wasn't into having his picture taken, but it would have been cute!

My brown-eyed sweetheart. He looks really old in this photo (and also a lot like his mama in the face that he's making, I think).

Enjoying Grandma pushing him on the swing :)

We spent quite a bit of time down at the beach building sandcastles and moats.

Our nieces did an adorable performance of Shirley Temple's "On the Good Ship, Lollipop"  at the talent show.

Ten years ago, I spent my first summer as a counselor at camp, and I had the cutest little 8-year-old girl in my cabin for a week. Ellie has been my friend ever since, and now she is a sweet and beautiful high school grad! She came to visit us on Thursday night for dinner, and it was so great to see her! Her little brother is on staff this year, working in the kitchen, and I'm hoping she'll be there working as a counselor when we go to Family Camp next summer ;) ;)

After dinner on Thursday, we took the boys out for ice cream. 

Steve's and my favorite flavor when we were working at camp was "Piece of Cake". It was the ice cream we ate on our first date :)

Ephraim found a talking Little Einsteins toy when we were playing at the sandbox on Friday. He fell in love with it, and carried it around all day. When we tried to find its owner, the family had already left to go home to Georgia! This little toy will hopefully make it in the mail back to Georgia soon!

Nolan and Ephraim LOVE Uncle Josh!

On Friday afternoon, the boys got in the water with Steve. They get a little scared of deep and cold water, so I was proud of them for testing it out. Neither one wanted to let go of Daddy!

Hanging out on the new water mat. Oh my goodness, Ephraim looks more and more like Steve every day!

Steve and Josh took the boys out on a kayak. They loved it!


Then the two guys gave stand-up paddleboarding a whirl. They both did really well, and neither fell!

To finish off the afternoon, we took a second pontoon boat ride with Steve's brothers and a few friends. We had let Ephraim skip his nap earlier because he wasn't falling asleep in the cabin. . . but the boat had the magic touch . . .

It was the cutest thing!

 Steve was able to carry him all the way up the big hill and set him down in his bed for an hour.

On Saturday morning, everyone was getting ready to leave, and we got a couple of cute photos.

I love this little stairstep of cousins! N (will be 6 next week), Nolan (almost 5), K (4.5), Ephraim (2.5), and M (1.5). We are missing these girls already!

And the whole family shot! It's been such a blessing to be a part of this family for seven years. We are already planning on going to camp next year - have to keep our streak going!


  1. I just love all of these camp pictures, brings back some great memories. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  2. I love this all so much...I'm so glad you were able to have a wonderful week at MM! I miss that place.


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