Friday, September 16, 2016

25 Weeks

You can tell this is my third baby. I took this photo at 23 weeks with every intention of writing a post to go with it. And here I am at 25 weeks tomorrow. Oops! Waiting 3+ more months sounds like a long time, but the weeks truly are flying by!

I wanted to write down a few of the thoughts and feelings I've been having: 

I am feeling bigger with this baby than I did with the first two. I've gained around 16 pounds, so I'm a little uncomfortable with the way my clothes are fitting. I have a new striped maternity dress from Target, and I might just wear it every day from here on out!

I need to wear compression tights every day because the veins in my right leg have gotten worse with each pregnancy. Wearing tights with jeans over them in 75-80 degree weather is rough. I've been trying to sleep exclusively on my left side because this is supposed to help with vein circulation.

The baby moves a lot, but he mostly waits until N & E are in bed, or when I'm laying down for the night. I am always staring at my stomach, thinking, how does he fit in there? Even with my third, it is such a miracle!

Acid reflux has started rearing its ugly head recently. This means my love of tomato sauce has to be curbed. If I can't have pizza, I'm not sure I can live?! I haven't had any strong cravings or aversions lately, but I definitely am preferring sweet over salty. If you've been reading my blog for long, you know that Steve and I love our hot fudge sundaes at night. They weren't appealing to me during the whole first trimester, but now, I wait all day for that fudge. 

Having three boys has really started to sink in (in a good way). I'm really looking forward to seeing if this baby looks like Nolan or Ephraim, and what color hair and eyes he'll have. Our ultrasound from a few weeks ago is super clear, and I find his face to be so familiar and so beautiful. I can't wait to choose the perfect name for him. 
Sweet baby boy, we are so excited for you! We pray continuously that you are growing healthy and strong, our littlest love.

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  1. I can't wait to hear the name and I can't wait to see what coloring he has as well!!

    You are the cutest pregnant lady...ever :)


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