Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Baby Zimm's Surprise Sprinkle

For the past few months, a group of seven of my friends and I have been meeting for a book club. On our Facebook page, someone offered meeting up on Friday the 18th to wrap up the particular book we were reading at a restaurant downtown. Normally, we meet at someone's house, but I didn't question a chance to eat out at my favorite place with friends. After I arrived, the hostess took us through the restaurant, then through the kitchen, and out the back door into the alley. I was a little confused where were going, but when we approached a second building, they opened up the door and I saw many faces that I didn't know were going to be there. . . my mom, my mother-in-law, a friend from church, a couple of friends from MOPS, and two friends from out-of-town. My mind immediately pieced together what was going on, and I was so surprised! It was a baby sprinkle for me! They all did such a good job of keeping a secret. :)

My friends Ashley and Heidi (in the first photo) thought of all of the cute details. The theme was "Falling in Love with Baby", and it was ADORABLE!

The table was full with fall-colored donuts from the best donut shop in town, the prettiest diaper cake, favor bags, and presents.

The tables were set with lovely flowers, multicolored leaves, acorns, and little pumpkins. All of the details were perfect. We dined on bruschetta, spinach-artichoke dip, salads, and rich Italian entrees.

My mother-in-law Alice, me, and my mom.

My friend Meghan :)

Baby #3 received some adorable new outfits, blankets, and books. And he is now set with bags of tiny diapers and wipes!

Even though it's our third boy, and we have plenty of boy clothes, it's so fun to receive a few new things for our brand new baby.

My friend Briana lives an hour south of us, so I was so happy to see that she came! She also has three boys, so we bond over that.

The favors were bags of cinnamon sugar Chex mix with Reese's pieces and candy corn. Yum!

My friend Dianna is due the same day as me! She already has her three boys, and is eagerly awaiting #4 - a GIRL!

Thank you SO much to my friends who generously "sprinkled" us last week. It was such a wonderful night, and I went home feeling more loved than ever. Steve and I are so blessed to have found the friends that we have in our little town. And our newest baby gets to be born into quite the fun circle of friends :)


  1. This is absolutely wonderful! I'm so glad that you are blessed with such wonderful friends and family. I'm a firm believer that every baby should be so celebrated!

  2. What a sweet shower, and how great that your friends were able to surprise you!


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