Thursday, February 15, 2018

Half a year

As of today, we have lived in Indiana for half a year. I sort of can't believe this, but then again, my stay-at-home mom life often feels like the movie Groundhog's Day, where I wake up and live the same day over and over again. So really, the passage of time feels different to me now. I have three posts to write to get all caught up, and then I am going to promise (again) to blog more faithfully.

There's nothing like a clean kitchen, a blank slate for getting it messy again with new recipes.

I had the goal for over a year to make gingerbread Dala horses, and I finally got it done! I loved how they turned out :)

Ephraim has really taken an interest to helping me in the kitchen. He mostly loves licking batter, but I think he's really excited about the process, too!

We've kept the baby in his infant carseat because a.) he still fits, and b.) we can still bring him into stores or restaurants while he's asleep!

K asks to hold August every time we get together. He is getting a little big to sit still on her lap, but he really likes the attention!

 We had to document a successful car-to-bed transfer after a busy morning at church. He slept for two hours with his winter coat, hat, gloves, and shoes on!

First time in a car wash! Exciting times for little boys.

And first time in a car wash!!! Age 31.

Our friend Meghan gave August a birthday card with a Lion crown in it :)

Not super into the selfie, but does REALLY love to Skype.

We did an oceans themed week for school, and the boys made paper plate Rainbow Fish. They were cute! Ephraim's is on the left, Nolan's on the right.

One incredible afternoon, all three boys fell asleep in their beds at the same time. This has NEVER happened before, and likely never will again! :)


I'll leave you with this sweet sunglasses photo. Love this boy!



  1. First time in the car wash!! Age 31 had me literally LOL-ing.

  2. Beautiful! And first time in the car wash, age 31... wow.


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