Saturday, March 31, 2018

Out like a lion

I don't know about where you are, but we have been having some wild spring weather so far! Just when we thought we'd escaped a winter of heavy snow, we got nearly a foot in one day! March definitely went out like a lion. We live very close to Target, so some days, the boys and I head there just to get out of the house, walk around, and pick up some groceries. I am so looking forward to going on walks outside soon!

The day that it snowed so incredibly much, I declared it a baking day and made raspberry muffins. 

A little more tart than blueberry muffins, but so yummy!

 They jump at the chance to do dishes. . . aka play in the sink.

Officially around 10 inches! Luckily, it almost all melted in 24 hours.

And thankfully the snow didn't bother the hyacinth!

 On Palm Sunday, the boys got to wave palm branches down the center aisle at the church.

And August met a Yorkie, and gave the world's happiest smile!

 The green bean plant that the boys started in January has a little green bean on it! Can you spot it??

 Always playing with his food and making a mess :)

On Friday, we did our usual library + pizza run.

Nolan chose the theme this week! He loves dogs, so we found a ton of books for him to dive into. We LOVED "Gaston" and "Antoinette" by Kelly DiPucchio and we want to buy them now. Other favorites are Rosemary Wells' McDuff books, "Talk Oscar Please", and the "Dog Loves.." series by Louise Yates.

Doesn't this look comfy? He slept his whole nap like this!

I'm sure I'll get Easter photos up soon!


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