Friday, June 1, 2018

Hello June

Hello June! It's my favorite month, and I could not be happier! I will say though, May really brought its A-game this year here in Indiana. The warm weather, the colorful trees, the amazing flowers. . . May was wonderful. I've got two important weeks to recap. Here goes!

 It was an exciting night when Nolan lost his first tooth!

See that cute gap?!! The new tooth had already poked through behind it, so it won't be a gap for long.

The baby robins were born, and I fell in love!

 This is August's favorite spot to eat, right in the center of the couch.

We went to the zoo the other day right before closing time, and it was really nice and not crowded!

We loved the penguins, flamingos, macaws, monkeys, and bears!

Our church has a playground, so we hung out here while Steve had music practice.

All smiles for everyone!

These were the baby robins when they were about three days old, with eyes still closed.

I made a very summery key lime pie to bring to dinner with friends. The recipe is here.


 Nolan and his cousin K had their last soccer game. We'll miss having games every Saturday, but hopefully we'll still get cousin time on the weekends!

Later that day, K was teaching Nolan how to slow dance! I got a video of it. . . it was SO cute. . . she was having him twirl her and everything!

The girls are so sweet to August!

Auggie had a low grade fever for about 24 hours, and it was either teething or the MMR shot from the week before, but I appreciated the extra cuddles.

When they dress themselves. . . always ties. And shin guards. :)

My little world, going for a walk.

So the biggest thing to happen to us in the past two weeks is that we found a house!!

This was the 10th out of 11 houses that we walked through, not counting the dozens of houses we looked at online. It was the first that we felt fairly certain we wanted to put an offer on. It is a cute and clean 1950's ranch that the previous owner had taken very good care of. Our realtor told us several times that with this crazy market, we might expect to put a few offers on houses that aren't accepted. He told us not to hold too tightly to any house that we liked.

 While we walked through this house, we knew that it already had two offers on it. In fact, someone else even walked in on our tour to start going over everything with a fine-toothed comb! In my head. it was already spoken for. But we put a good offer on it, and that night, we found out it was ours! 

Yesterday was the inspection, and things looked pretty good. I'll share more later, I'm sure!

We have peony bushes in our backyard of the rental house, and the peonies have been stunning!

They are already about done blooming; their season goes by so quickly!

If you look really closely, right in the center of the photo, there is a mama duck with her babies. They were adorable!

So good for the soul to walk through some woods!

I mean, why not??

We did a study of BUGS. The "Big Book of Bugs" and "Bug Detective" are awesome, informative books!

These papers show how Nolan's handwriting has developed this year. Isn't it cool?? We must have done something right in our homeschool kindergarten. Also, I love this verse! :)

 Reading books and eating graham crackers. . . two of this boy's favorite things!

Mormor and Papa Don got the boys some cute summer shoes. We love our TOMS! Ephraim's even glow in the dark. :)

And these are the nine-day-old robins, so fluffy and feathery. And though I thought only two of the eggs had hatched, I was so happy to find a third baby in there! Nature is so cool. God is so good.


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  1. All these pictures are just PRICELESS! The one with the verse is AMAZING! Way to go MAMA! You have such a beautiful fam <3


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