Wednesday, October 31, 2018

October recap

Looking back on all of these photos from October, we had a really great month! Sure, there was the onset of cold weather, a case of croup, and a (still) broken furnace. . . but there was also a trip to the zoo, an afternoon at the apple orchard, and a visit to Chicago (I'll save that last one for my next post). I'll definitely miss October as we inch closer to winter!

Here's a recap of what we've been up to!

August checking out the pumpkins on a Trader Joe's run.

We'll miss our evening walks now that the sun is going down so early!

Nolan and Ephraim played their last soccer games of the season! 

It seemed like they started really early for fall soccer (first week of August), but it was really nice that they ended the season before the real cold hit.

Cousins facing off in "Don't Break the Ice". :)  We had a really nice visit from Steve's parents and  brothers.

7 cousins - ages 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 14!

We were ready for some October baseball, but the Cubs were out of the post-season after their first game. Can't wait til next season!

We made strawberry buckle muffins, and they were delicious! I posted the recipe here.

It was somewhere around 70 degrees when we made our way to the apple orchard. When we only do a tradition once a year, sometimes the boys remember the experience and sometimes they don't. I think Nolan may have remembered apple-picking from last-year, but for the other two, it was a brand new thing! :)

We tasted a few apples in the orchard, and they were so incredibly delicious!

We came home with plenty of "blushing goldens". They're our favorite.

The older two boys had mild colds at the end of September, and when August caught the bug, he  developed a cough without other symptoms. After a couple of rough nights, we were concerned about his breathing, so we took him to the doctor. She immediately knew it was croup and prescribed him a steroid. Soon, he was as good as new, praise God!

One sunny, but chilly day, we met up with the girl cousins at the park. It was a really fun morning!

We had chosen our living room to be white, but something about it looked really dull, and the yellowish wood walls were showing through quite a bit. We went to Lowe's and picked out a gray paint, and we were immediately happy with the change!

It looks nice to have more of a contrast with the ceiling. When the sun is shining, the gray looks a lot lighter than in this photo.

Lil Batman on a Target trip :)

Steve and I got to go downtown on a Saturday night for a gala at the library. Ephraim really wanted a photo with me before we left :)

The library looks like an old, beautiful museum!

We got to meet John Green (the author of "The Fault in Our Stars" and other really popular books)!

Sometimes I find these two cuddling while watching TV.

We went to the zoo for one last time before winter. We saw the dolphin show again, which was awesome, and checked on a few of our favorite animals.

Later on in the week, we read a news article that one of the lions had been killed (by his mate) on the same day that we were there! So sad!

We picked up a Giordano's pizza on the way home, and it was amazing!

I taught their Sunday School class, and it was just the three of them, which was sweet. :)

August's favorite spot at the end of church each week.

The boys have watched lots of Muppet movies lately, so Ephraim drew all of these cute characters.

We've been reading "The Boxcar Children" books at night, which has been so fun, and a blast from the past for me!

Getting some yardwork done! August was trying to help trim the bushes with a flyswatter. :)

Thanks for checking in on us. Hope your November is off to a great start!


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