Thursday, August 1, 2019

Sunshine and peaches

In a few months, I am going to be looking at these photos and aching for the summer sun and the activities we can do when it's warm! Hopefully it's enough to know that we made the most of summer while it was here!

We enjoyed many peaches from "The Peach Truck". They were the best I've ever had, and I made sure to freeze a few bags for fall baking!

A fun playdate with my friend Lindsay's kids! (Missing Baby Wesley here!)

Happy girl!

The boys had so much fun at an outdoor movie night with friends!

We had ice cream cake for Steve's 33rd birthday!

Eating watermelon poolside. :)

Such a great nap spot!

One Sunday at church, we found our first tiny monarch caterpillar of the summer - and an egg!

Soccer started up again, and my job is to keep these two happy while the older boys are at practice.

Ephraim (in orange) at practice.

Banana chocolate chip muffins are one of my fave things to bake!

On my to-do list this summer was to go blueberry picking! We had a great time despite the swarms of Japanese beetles.

Some boys are more helpful than others when it comes to picking fruit ;)

We did a lot of eating and freezing blueberries!

"Mommy - take picture - me - June!"

In front of the Indiana State Capitol - we need to go in sometime!

We LOVED the Canal Walk! It was so pretty, everything was flowering, and we saw baby ducklings!

We walked past this butterfly, and I had to get a photo. :)

More pool days!

Tiny Cubs fan :)

Several of the caterpillar larvae we had didn't make it, but for the most part, we have had very healthy caterpillars!

I love this photo of Junia, and that sweet little dimple!

Hanging out on campus, waiting for Daddy to get off work.

One night, Steve was running an errand and as soon as he got back to our house, the car stopped in its tracks and all the dashboard lights came on. We hoped it was just a fluke, but the mechanic blamed a faulty engine, and so we had to total our Subaru. Even though we knew that both of our cars were getting older, we thought the '05 Subaru still had a couple years left in her!

On this day, Nolan lost his front tooth in the pool when Ephraim knocked him in the face. He was SCREAMING at the top of his lungs because he was so sad he couldn't find his tooth, and he was worried the tooth fairy wouldn't come without the tooth. We searched for it but never did find it! (I guess it doesn't float?) But the tooth fairy did come. . .

 These are my favorite moments.

The ladies at church were all fans of this big bow!


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