Sunday, January 26, 2020

August is 3!

At the beginning of January, August turned THREE! 

You definitely know how to hold your own as boy number three - you play superheroes ⚡ and fight with light sabers and push your older brothers around. You have a great throwing arm, and you love riding your new scooter through the house. You like finding words that have A's in them (saying "A is for August!") and you would sit on our laps and read all day if you could. Baby sister changed our dynamic, and though you love her, I think you get a little sad to be on the sidelines, and you make up for it by being loud and demanding (mostly for snacks and drinks). 😉 I'm praying that you'll learn how to love big this year, and that you'll never question God's presence and provision for you. I'll eat you up, I love you so. 💛

My mom did an awesome job making August's birthday cookies! ⚡ Throwing a party right after Christmas is always a little stressful for me, but we narrowed down the guest list to just family, and we kept the food and decor simple. And August - LOVED it all! ❤️

Nolan made this Super A out of Duplos! He always amazes me.

Nolan was sick in the morning on August's birthday, so we stayed home from church while he napped. August and I played his new favorite game, Candyland. He plays only to get the ice cream cone! :)

Three is going to be so fun! I do love this age. 



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  1. Of all the children I've never met...this boy has my FAVORITE smile!


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