Saturday, March 21, 2020

Catching up

I've been going back through photos on my phone, and the practice of doing that makes me feel so grateful for the highlights we've had this past winter. 

Church with babies is never easy. Sometimes she plays hard in the nursery and crashes right as the service is over. Other times, she falls asleep on my lap in the sanctuary, and I can capture sweet moments like this.

This was her 8 month photo! 

At this time, I wrote, "She's such an active girl, always adventuring to find new pieces of furniture to pull up on and new - anything - to put in her mouth. She's sporting two new bottom teeth and wispy dark blonde hair that's finally growing in quite nicely. We haven't gotten far with solid foods yet, and I think she has my body programmed to feed her the most milk in the middle of the night, so we are up many times. She gives a very stoic face to strangers, and saves sweet smiles and giggles for her brothers. It's early for tv, I know, but she's super into those Daniel Tiger jingles right now. :)"

Right before and after Christmas, Steve and all the boys came down with fevers and terrible coughs. Steve was the first to get sick on December 15th, and over a month later, we still had some lingering symptoms in our house. August got it the worst as he developed pneumonia and had to go on the chalky white antibiotic. Thankfully, that knocked it out right away. And also thankfully, the baby and I never got the bug!

Always eating puffs! I love this stage.

Oh, 2020. . . you sure are turning out to be an interesting year!

This is my phone background. I love looking at this smile!

This was back in January when my nieces' great-great-grandmother turned 105, and we got to see her on her birthday!

 She shares a birthday with our niece, who is 8!

One freezing day, we enjoyed a visit to the Children's Museum!

We still haven't seen the Mo Willems exhibit, but hopefully we're able to when the museum opens again!?

First outdoor scootering experience for Auggie! He loved it!

Groundhog Day pancakes!

This was our 100th day of school. We ate 100 tiny snacks!

And built with 100 Lego!

And the boys drew themselves as 100! Note how they're both wearing suspenders. :)

After his third birthday, we potty-trained August, and it went super well! 

We love this new Kenard Pak book! Spring can't come fast enough!

Adorably watching her brothers bike up and down the street.

I found a recipe for making banana bread in a bundt pan. It was delicious! I typed up the recipe here.

Sink bath baby! 

I'll be back with more March photos soon.


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