Friday, July 31, 2020

Quarantine summer

We didn't have any vacations planned for this summer, and we typically spend a lot of time outside, so this quarantine summer felt pretty normal. We are thankful for that!

Sweet pool baby.

We always beeline for the strawberry fields in early June - and I'm grateful that we made it because the next day, the farm ran out!

We visited Uncle Josh and Kayla in Pittsburgh for a night! It was fun finally seeing Uncle Josh's house and tasting some of the city's best pizza.

We rode the incline down Mount Washington - I know the boys will remember that experience for a long time!

After Pittsburgh, we drove up to Steve's parents house, and he got to work moving lots of things from the basement and carriage house into a dumpster!

And I was excited to see a couple of friends while we were in town :) 

Eating our favorite donuts with some of our favorite people!

My friend Meghan and me.

Junia and "Grandma Carol".

It was in PA that I found our first monarch eggs of the summer.

Building a fort in Grandma's backyard.

Our annual photo outside Dr. Doolittle's 🍦🍦

Junia's "pick-me-up" face :)

We'll miss this big house!

Driving us back to Indiana!

Fourteen months old on the Fourth of July.

The monarch eggs a few days after they hatched! They're so cute at this stage.

Many more butterfly photos to follow. :)


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