Tuesday, March 8, 2011

chicago, preschool, vitamins, and charlie's angels

Our trip to Chicago was so well worth it.  We were able to see everyone that I had the goal to reconnect with, even though two days went by speedily.  My friendships were really solidified.  And now I can go on feeling more confident that these relationships will withstand time and distance.  One thing Steve and I really enjoyed was spending time with two young, Christian, married couples who understand us and relate to us so well.  It was refreshing.  And it was fun to see three of our friends as parents, knowing we'll be joining that club soon.

Today, I subbed in 2 year-old preschool.  I wasn't quite willing to go this young (I had done 3 & 4 year-olds reluctantly already).  But I was asked, so I'll try anything once.  I somehow managed to make it the whole time without having to change a diaper.  But I won't be that lucky on Friday, when they asked me back.  The best part of today was a little boy named Ryan, who bonded with me when I sat down to play cars with him.  I was flattered because even though he was a boy's boy, he wanted to stay by my side for the rest of the day, holding my hand and sitting on my lap at times.  He called me his friend and got jealous if other kids tried to sit on my lap or steal my attention.  So this adorable Ryan, and many of the other boys in these preschool and kindergarten classes that have really liked me, reassure me that if this baby inside is a boy, I will be so thrilled.  This is surprising, because for a long time I didn't know what I would do with a boy, having grown up without males in my house.  There's a quote on one of the ending episodes of "Friends" where Monica says to her baby boy, "I am going to love you so much, no girl is ever going to be good enough for you."  I feel this way.

I just got home from CVS, where I purchased 8 boxes of prenatal vitamins.  They only last 30 days, so these will carry me through the pregnancy.  They were $7 (about half off), instead of the $16 One-A-Day name brand.  I feel like I got such a steal!  I hope the baby is enjoying my Cool-Whip & Jello love right now.  I made pistachio Jello salad and a berry Jello/Oreo pie yesterday which have been extra delicious to me.

On to watch some Tuesday night TV, and maybe an episode of Charlie's Angels when Steve gets home from night class.  We are almost done with watching the original first season from 1976--I love it.  Farrah's hair, their cars, their clothes, female crime-solving: fantastic.


  1. What if baby is a girl? Surprises do happen, I have proof ;) (ps. I took/am taking the CVS prenatals because they were buy one get on free once upon a time. Good find!)

  2. It is always fun to reconnect with friends - gives you a chance to see who your REAL friends are (you know, the ones that last over time). Are most of your good friends married? That is one of the hardest things for us. A LOT of our friends are not married, which is fine, don't get me wrong, but hanging out with a married couple is just so different!

    I don't know HOW YOU COULD STAND being with 2 year olds hahaha. I like kids but, that is REALLY young. I guess whatever pays will do, huh? And, you're starting to have the motherly instinct kick in hard, so it is good practice I am sure.

    Rachel, you need to start couponing! You think getting stuff half price is good (it totally is), try getting stuff mostly free! Have you ever tried it? Heard about it? I seriously spend very little money on toiletries and things like that. Food, I hit about 50% off with coupons which I will take, cuz it is better than full price.

  3. Oh, and I forgot to answer your question/thought from my blog. Yes! They are that green! Oh, they fascinate me. They are magical! Watching them "dance" through the sky truly helped solidify that there is a God! Not that I was doubting, but it is SO evident when I look at my surroundings. :)


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