Sunday, March 27, 2011

week seventeen

I just bought this beauty this afternoon.  I was debating what new hobby I should start, and I knew it had to be some kind of art or craft.  I've always wanted a sewing machine.  My mom's was never in operation while growing up, and all I really sewed were tiny pillows by hand.  So this "Singer Stylist" is a luxury that I splurged on, in hopes that I will create really cool things.

This week was a milestone week in my pregnancy because since Tuesday, I can feel the baby moving!  I am still stunned that on Monday, I couldn't feel a thing.  Then all of a sudden on Tuesday, I felt every flutter, kick, and punch!  It is so reassuring to feel those little movements because it is a consistent daily reminder that the baby is okay :)  I didn't expect to feel him/her quite so soon, as I'm still not very big, and it can happen anywhere from 15-26 weeks.  I am so glad I can now!  It is amazing to feel spontaneous movement coming from inside, from some tiny little legs or arms.

Steve has been limping around yesterday and today with an injured foot.  He isn't sure if something is broken, sprained, or if he has an infection, but he really can't walk.  So I've been worried.  (I worry much more than he does about anything).  If it's not one thing, it's another, right?

and to finish: a little bio of Ivy puppy, who brings us so much laughter.
favorite people food: popcorn and goldfish crackers.
favorite activities: going for long walks, running as fast as she can in giant circles, waiting in the driver's seat for us to return to the car from a store, playing ball, watching out the window for us to come home, and chewing Nylabone.
best quality: unconditional love.
most anticipated event: becoming a big sister.
favorite color: green, of course.

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  1. YAY FOR SEWING! You bought that machine before I could even respond. :) Singers are great, my mom's lasted who knows how long. We're a Bernina family now, but I really don't know any different. AND it really doesn't take that long to learn how to sew - it's great! And there are all sorts of tutorials online to help with any "hard" stuff. I'll stop talking now - GOOD LUCK!!


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