Sunday, February 3, 2013

happy birthday Hannah

Today is my sister Hannah’s would-be 29th birthday.

She turned 17 on her last birthday here on earth.

Hannah was completely beautiful.

She was intelligent. Creative. A perfectionist. Determined. Sassy. Kind-hearted. Funny.

Those of you closest to me know that she treated me quite poorly sometimes. Sisters fight. And I was healthy, when she was not. I forgive her for that.

Sometimes I like to envision that in Heaven, God has those big black binoculars on a pole, and our family members can look down on us and see how we are doing. And I imagine that they wouldn’t see any of our sad moments, because there is no sadness in Heaven, but they would just see a glimpse of us in our happiest times. I like to think that she knows that I found my way out of adolescence, did well in high school, had some amazing college years. I hope she knows that I got married, and that she has an adorable nephew.

I suppose a more theological approach would be to say that when we are reunited with our loves in Heaven, it will only seem like minutes since they last saw us. I can’t wait for that day.

I am grateful for every one of her seventeen years. But I wish there were more. Her life has shaped every facet of my life, from my personality to my faith, my life goals, and my priorities. There is not a day that I don’t think about her and miss her deeply.

If you knew her, I hope that you will think about her today, the times that you had, and what you learned from her life.

If you didn’t know her, I am glad that her circle of influence has now reached you. And I hope that you have learned more about me by seeing my big sister.

I celebrate her birthday every year by making a cake, and sharing her story.

Happy birthday, Hannah!  You would be a gorgeous 29.


  1. I just got a little teary reading this. What a sweet story and sweet sister you are!

  2. What a beautiful yet sad story. Thank you for sharing.

  3. This is a beautiful tribute to your sister. No doubt she is looking down with those binoculars right now and smiling. Happy Birthday Hannah!

  4. Great post, Rach. Have you ever read "Heaven is for Real"?? I just read it on the place home from Cali and I really loved it. It gave such a beautiful, biblical view of heaven through the eyes of a child. It was such a comfort to me. Let me know what you think if you read it!

  5. Oh sweet friend, if I could hug you I would! I'm sure your sister is so proud of the beautiful woman, wife, & mother that you are. I'm sure she is spending her special day dancing with Jesus. What an amazing birthday gift. :)

    I second the suggestion of "Heaven is for Real", if you haven't read it! It's amazing, and it gave me such a peace.

    Happy Birthday to your sister!

  6. Wow. That is really all I have to say! I love this so much, thank you for sharing! Happy birthday, Hannah!


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