Sunday, February 16, 2014

life lately

I can’t believe this little guy is almost three weeks old! We have been doing really well, although the cabin fever is definitely setting in. We have had so much snow! Ephraim gives us some pretty decent sleep at night—he doesn’t fall asleep until 12:30 or 1, but then he typically makes solid three-hour stretches after that. When he’s awake during the day, all he wants to do is eat. He’s not really sure what to do with himself when he’s not eating or sleeping.

My friend Amanda came over last week, and Nolan was so excited to play with her son Emmett. Amanda brought this beautiful diaper cake for Ephraim!

I didn’t get any other Valentine’s decorations up, but I’ve enjoyed looking at the bunting I made back in January.

My friend Erin and her little boy came over on Tuesday to visit and bring us a meal. We have been so appreciative of my sweet MOPS friends and the meals they’ve been giving us! While Erin was over, I mentioned something about the bat we had in our house in December. Later that night, as we were finishing the delicious stromboli she brought us, we had our second bat incident. That bat was not lucky enough to make it out of our house alive. But I am now living in fear that more will find their way inside. We wonder if they’re coming down from the attic for warmth? They should be hibernating, but we have heard a couple in the walls too. Anyone have any bat advice?

Carol adores our boys. It was so nice of her to come visit us and meet the baby.

And my heart melts…

My mom and Ephraim.

He enjoys his swing (for a little while anyway). He cries when I set him down in most places, so I end up holding him all day.

Nolan’s still been handling the new-baby-transition really well! He does a good job at playing by himself lately, and Steve and I are so thankful for that.

I love him in this wintery outfit!

Me and my boys. (It’s really fun to say that :)


  1. Awe... You and your boys are so cute. I love all these pics and am so glad I get to see them through the blogging world :)

  2. It is great that you have such wonderful friends to come and help out/bring a meal! And that photo of the boys together is so precious!

  3. and your boys...super sweet :)

  4. Seriously just the sweetest post!! I love love love all of your pictures!! What a happy, blessed mama you exude!! Ahhh it makes me want another! I could not be more happy for you & your beautiful little family. <3


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