Monday, February 3, 2014

on what-would-be my sister’s 30th

Today is my sister Hannah’s 30th birthday. Though we lost her 13 years ago, I will celebrate regardless. I was sort of hoping to have a baby on her birthday, but he came a little early for that :) How my heart misses her!

I was reading Ann Voskamp’s bestselling book, One Thousand Gifts, and this quote rose off the page:

“I remember her silken hair. I still don’t know why He took her. I don’t know why her children don’t run free on spring days with mine, laugh with my sister’s . . . though I cry, this I know: God is always good, and I am always loved, and eucharisteo has made me my truest self, ‘full of grace.’”


“You may suffer loss but in Me is anything ever lost, really? Isn’t everything that belongs to Christ also yours? Loved ones lost still belong in Him—then aren’t they still yours?” –Ann Voskamp

I have no idea what life would be like today if she were still here, but I can be sure she would have loved her little nephews!


  1. So sweet Rachel. Sorry for the loss of your sister. I too love Ann Voskamp. Hope your family of 4 is getting settled in well. Blessings.

  2. So sorry for your loss all those years ago. I am sure she is with you and is able to see how wonderful your family is :)

  3. Rachel: This is a wonderful tribute to your sister. She would of loved them greatly :)

  4. Totally teary eyed! What a wonderful tribute to your sister :)

  5. Beautiful post today! And those sweet boys are just so cute! Congratulations on your expanding family!

  6. So sorry for the loss of your sister. I'm sure she would have been head over heels for her sweet nephews.

  7. We miss you, Hannah!

  8. Oh my goodness; this was such a sweet sweet tribute; I lost my mom in September & can so much relate to such a close loss. My heart goes out so very much to you-- especially today. <3


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