Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Favorites


F R I D A Y   F A V O R I T E S

This week has put me through the ringer, but I am waking up happy on this Friday morning! We've got some exciting plans for the weekend, and I am loving these summer days! Here's a little bit of what we've been up to this week:

I can't tell you the last time I've read a novel, but I am making good progress in "Redemption" by Karen Kingsbury. My sweet blog friend, Bethany, mailed me this book after I mentioned wanting to read some Karen Kingsbury a couple of weeks ago. So far the story line is my worst nightmare: college professor husband leaves his beautiful wife for a student (ha), but it's got me hooked :)

My favorite day this week was WEDNESDAY, because we got to go to the pool for the first time this year! Both boys loved splashing in the water, and I had fun chatting with my friends Ashley Rose and Heidi. The pool has cracked down on its rules lately (you have to live in the neighborhood, and I don't), but I'm hoping we'll be back soon!

I have been eyeing Essie's "Ballet Slippers" nail polish for over a year, and I had it in my hand at Walmart, ready to buy it last week. Then, I passed the Sinful selection, and I found this "Easy Going" which looks so similar to "Ballet Slippers"! Sinful is $1.99, while Essie is $8.50, so I was glad to save some cash. The photo doesn't show it to be very pink, but next to white, it is definitely a rosier shade, and it's a perfect pale pastel for tanner summer hands :)


Speaking of paint, we finally got around to giving our living room a fresh coat yesterday! It was obvious that our living room hadn't been painted in many years because there were large scuff marks and chipped paint on the walls. It was an off-white color which tended to pick up shades of red and yellow depending on the sunlight. Steve had already painted some gray above the fireplace, but we lightened it up a shade for the entire room. Steve and Don did a really great job getting the whole room done in just a couple of hours!




Yesterday was a dreary day, so I'll have to take some better photos when it's well-lit and the furniture is put back. The gray (Windstorm) by Sherwin Williams (sold at Lowe's) looks serene and neutral on the walls (not too blue or too yellow). We love it!

 I was trying to get a photo of the boys together, but they move too fast!


And finally, I get to meet this pretty girl tomorrow!!

Astleigh has become such a good friend to me, and I am super excited to meet her for the first time in person (and see that little baby bump!) Yay!

Have a great weekend, ya'll!

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  1. Love a good pool day, it makes everything better! I love that color pink for summer and I agree paying $1.99 is a steal and I've tried sinful and it goes on really nicely.

  2. I'll have to check out that sinful nail color! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  3. I am going to have to check out the nail polish. I love a good, cheap polish. Looks like you had a fun week, hope next week is easier on you!

  4. So exciting that you and Astleigh are meeting in person! I was able to meet an IG friend at the College World Series last week and it was so exciting. Hope you girls have a fun time.

  5. Happy pre-weekend Rachel! So excited for you about meeting Astleigh - have a great time! The new paint color looks great.

  6. I so wish we had a pool close, love, love your house and that color is gorgeous! Have a great weekend!

    Oh, where are the donuts??? Haha!

  7. Your boys are so sweet. Their eyes are beautiful and radiate such happiness :) Love following your blog Rachel, happy Friday!

  8. I love the color y'all painted the living room!!
    I will have to try that nail color..It sure beats paying 8.50 and it's so pretty. My few Essie colors that I have don't stay on my nails any better! I do love their colors though!!!:). So glad you get to meet your blog friend!!! As always your little boys are so so so adorable and handsome!! Y'all have a great weekend!!!!:)

  9. The paint looks wonderful! I love all the old wood in your home. Gorgeous.

    Hooray for summer pool days! Those are my favorite.

  10. Yay for a pool day, the paint looks great!

  11. Ahhh yay! Have so much fun meeting Astleigh!


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