Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Favorites

Friday, it's great to see you! I've really enjoyed this week, especially the 70 degree weather for the past few days! It's been a dreamy November so far. This weekend, we have some big plans, and I can't wait for Steve to get home from work so we can get them started!

Here are the various favorites from the week!

My garden is officially done for the year, so I wanted to share the final count of our crops! We have a small city backyard, but these numbers make it seem like some huge co-op :)

We grew 3,294 raspberries!! Last year, I counted 2,500, so I was surprised how much more we got this year. I ate the raspberries like candy almost every day of the summer, and it was glorious. :)

In May, I started little blueberry bushes next to the fruitful raspberry bushes. Since it was their first year of producing, we only got 32 blueberries. They were delicious, though!

This was my first year growing corn, and they were knee-high by the Fourth of July, for sure!

Each corn stalk only produced one fully-developed ear, so we had 5 ears of corn. Next year, I'll have to plant plenty more!

My first packet of tomato seeds didn't grow, so I started these ones late. They didn't start turning red until September, but we were able to pick 293 cherry tomatoes! The frost hit before many of the green ones could turn red, but that's okay, because I had more tomatoes than I knew what to do with!

Our pumpkin vines were out of control! We ended up with five huge pumpkins. They all weighed between 15 and 20 pounds, and they are still adorning our mantel and our bay window :)

Out of everything, they are my very favorite to watch grow!


We ate tons of chocolate chip zucchini bread this past summer! We had 34 zucchini from three plants, and they grew for about 2 months.

Lastly, we had 807 green beans. I liked having the bush variety instead of the bean stalks like last year. (I found the bush variety easier to control and support than the bean stalks.)

We feel so blessed to have gotten so much almost-free produce from our backyard! I can't wait until May and starting all over again!

On Tuesday, I posted a "day in the life" of us! Did you catch it? I really really enjoyed reading other ladies' posts! It helped me feel more normal! :)

Tuesday afternoon, Nolan and I worked on this easy Indian Corn cereal activity. Isn't it cute? The extra cereal made for a good snack too :)

And yesterday, Astleigh and I did another Every Girl Link-Up where we shared our Thanksgiving decor. I don't have a whole lot of stuff to transition from fall decor to Christmas, but I really like having a little extra flair for this often passed-over holiday! Also, there are two free prints in this post.

I picked up a new dry shampoo this week at TJ Maxx, and I really like it! Batiste has more "oomph" in the spray than the other dry shampoos I've used. And the tropical coconut smell is quite nice! According to the label, it's a lot of people's favorite :)
For my last favorite, I am LOVING this song, "Air I Breathe" by Mat Kearney! I have been listening to Christian radio nonstop, and I am happy this song makes every countdown :)

Thanks for stopping by today!

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  1. I love that you count your garden crops! I thought we were the only ones who did that :) I did it one year just to see how much we were saving but it just fascinates me now to see how much we get. Have a great weekend!

  2. What a great year you had with your garden! All of your Thanksgiving decor is super cute are the smiles of your lit'l guys! Wishing you and your precious fam a wonderful upcoming weekend! xo - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  3. Your fall decorations are precious. Great job on the garden, I do not have that ambition (not to mention the fertile soil).

  4. Your pumpkins are absolutely perfect and I wish I could have a garden like that! Raspberries here are $6 for half a pint and they are usually moldy. Ugh, urban life.

  5. That is a whole bunch of raspberries!! Looks like a stellar week, and I hope your weekend is even better :)

  6. Raspberries for the win!!!! Way to go on an awesome garden!!!!
    Love the Indian Corn craft, super cute!

  7. WOW!! Your garden is amazing!!!! And I just love your Thanksgiving decor!! Awesome!! I should link up!! AWESOME SONG!! Have a great weekend!!

  8. You had an amazing garden, those pumpkins are the coolest I've ever seen. Love your Tgiving decor as well.

  9. You've made me want to start my own garden! You should blog some gardening tips for us newbies! And I just tried Batiste dry shampoo this weekend! My sister keeps a can of their dry shampoo for dark brown hair (it's pigmented to match that hair color) here at our house, so I tried it and I LOVED it! She got hers at TJ Maxx too!


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