Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Indian Corn

Yesterday afternoon, I found the cutest little Thanksgiving craft! It's Indian Corn made of a brown paper bag and cereal. I had all of the materials at home, which was great. I helped Nolan cut out a corn-cob-shaped piece of yellow cardstock. Then I cut down the center of one side of a roughed-up brown paper bag. I stapled the cardstock to the paper bag, and I gathered the bottom together with a piece of baker's twine.

Then we squeezed out a thick layer of Elmer's glue onto the cardstock. Nolan went to work choosing pieces of brown, yellow, orange, and purple cereal for the corn, and placing them on the glue.

He was so happy to make a project, and the cereal gave us a double purpose of craft AND snack time :)

Come back tomorrow: Astleigh and I are sharing our THANKSGIVING TOUCHES! If you have Thanksgiving decor out, snap a few photos and link up with us tomorrow! 



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